How Much Does It Cost to Install Car Stickers?

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How Much Does It Cost to Install Car Stickers

If you want to change the appearance of your cars without repainting them, you should consider installing car stickers. Most people install car stickers to promote their business whereas, some install stickers to make their cars attractive. 

So, what are the costs of installing car stickers that will help you to advertise your business? Continue reading the article to know more. 

What are Car Decals?

The car stickers are a marketing tool that is attached to the surface of the car to change. Most car stickers are effective at capturing the attention of the audience. Business owners can choose from vinyl stickers, bumper stickers, and reflective stickers. Sometimes the deals contain an eye-catching design whereas, simple letters are also attractive. 

One of the best benefits of car decals is that they are removable. Additionally, they don’t leave residues behind. Therefore you can rebrand or promote different offerings of your business. 

3 Car Stickers Price Factor

When you visit professional online shops to purchase stickers for carshow do they determine the cost of the stickers? Car sticker installation is a time-consuming process depending on the condition of the car, design, and application process. 

Application Process

The installation process of the car decals takes hours of continuous work. First, the professional technician will clean the surface of the car thoroughly. This involves power washing, moderate washing, and applying solutions that would remove stubborn contaminants from the surface. 

Additionally, the technician might need to remove the protruding parts such as lights, bumpers, door handles, etc. Anything that can prevent the installation of the process needs to be removed. Heat guns and strategic stretching are also important to attach each sticker perfectly. This might take several hours to remove all the wrinkles and bubbles. Remember that professional car sticker installers will never complete their work in haste. Installing the car decals appropriately will ensure a longer lifespan. 

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Finishes and Colors

As mentioned above, car decals are available in various designs. Additionally, you can use any type of graphics on your car decals. The layering and the quality of the materials can increase the cost of the decals. 

To make sure your car decals are installed properly, you need to carefully measure the dimension of the car surface and the size of the stickers. As per RIDC, measuring the dimension of the car is an easy task. Choosing the perfect colors for your car decals is a daunting task. Therefore, make sure you take the time to pick the perfect color. 

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Condition of the Vehicle

The condition of the surface of your promotional vehicle is another price factor for car stickers. Even though you can purchase the car stickers at the original price, you cannot install them on your own if the car surface is in bad condition. Dents, scratches, dings, and rust will make the installation process harder. This will not only damage the car stickers but also the surface and paint job of your car. Some professional car sticker installers won’t install stickers if the surface has extreme damages. 

Even though car decals are alternative to the paint job, you need to consult with an automotive company if your car has various damages. 


Car stickers might seem an expensive promotional tool, but if you compare them with other types of traditional marketing methods, you’ll realize how cost-effective they are. If you have any questions, make sure you let us know. 

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