How to Run Successful, Yet Cost-Effective Political Campaigns with Yard Signs

Juliet D'cruz

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The key to political success is “name recognition.” Unless candidates have their names publicized everywhere, it’s hard for them to generate voter support. That’s why campaign signs and lawn posters that generate name recognition are vital for up and coming political aspirants.

Can your well-designed yard sign influence the voting decisions of your constituents? Yes. Several studies have confirmed the existence of the “exposure effect” in voting behaviors. Voters’ decisions are influenced by the names they hear during campaigns. Some instances of exposure effect include –

  • The name of the candidate that appears first on the ballot is likelier to win more votes.
  • In local political contests, voters rely on simple information sources like yard or lawn signs to make decisions regarding candidates.
  • Candidates whose information and names are not marketed almost always lose voter support in local political contests.

Name recognition will sway the minds of some voters. Hence, using political yard signs is vital for all political candidates. But what about the candidates with limited budgets during election season? Well, the leading sellers of yard and lawn signs offer highly cost-effective services.

Here’s how candidates planning to contest elections should use these cost-effective political signages –

Set Up a Small Budget for Signages

This is the easy part. Yard and lawn signs are very cost-effective. Hence, individuals or businesses can purchase many of them without spending too much of their budget. The harder part is allocating sufficient funds into buying the right kind of signages. Make sure the design elements on your signs complement each other and are eye-catching.

Use Colors and Fonts

Combinations of the right colors and appealing fonts are good enough to attract people to view your political signs. Irrespective of your sign’s themes and messages, follow these basic font and color rules.

  • Always use background colors that help the main letters on the sign stand out, even for people viewing from afar.
  • Using lighter colors that are viewable at night is always better.
  • Look at other examples of well-designed political signs to pick the right fonts and font sizes.

If needed, seek professional assistance from graphic designers regarding the sign’s colors and designs.

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Place the Signs in In the Right Locations

Before picking a spot to install your customized political signs, learn about signage-related regulations in your community. Apart from installing these signs in your yard (perfectly legal in all states), you can also install them in –

  • Near shopping centers
  • Outside educational institutes
  • At intersections

Pick public places where it’s legal to install political signs. If your political signs attract maximum attention at these local hotspots, your chances of securing votes from the community increase.  

Pick Durable Signs and Keep Using Them Throughout the Year

Political signs make long-term impacts only when people see them all the time. So, getting waterproof signs that don’t suffer from moisture or sunlight damage is very important. Make sure your sign seller uses quality ink to print the signs. Start effectively coordinating your local political campaigns by getting customizable signs now! 

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