What’s The Best Way To Reach An Audience On Instagram

Juliet D'cruz

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Instagram’s algorithms changed over time. As a result, you may have noticed a decline in your feed posts’ organic reach and engagement. That’s because your posts only appear to a certain portion of your active followers. However, you can beat the algorithms with the right tactics. You can click here to find an ally that will help you make the best content and get the most engagement.

Don’t despair because you can still reach more followers in spite of the algorithms. With these 10 cool hacks, you can increase your audience reach, expand your brand, and boost engagement on Instagram. Dive right in, and let’s get them done!

Assess the Most Optimal Posting Time

Although your favorite ‘Gram reverted to an algorithmic timeline, you can still count on optimal posting times. Get the views you need when the majority of your audience checks in online. Though it may take some time and effort to understand the activities of your followers, you will reap benefits when you figure the details out. If you have a business profile, check on Insights when your followers are most active. Take note of these two:

  1. Time of day 
  2. Day of the week

After identifying these two, take advantage of advanced tools that let you schedule your posts. This ascertains you can consistently give your followers high-quality content. For best results, plan content ahead and use your online video editor to create stunning materials. 

Notably, an online video editor does not just help you edit videos. At the same time, you can also use it to resize files, edit images, convert files, and create collages. It is a truly versatile tool that can assist you in creating Instagrammable posts. 

Include Videos in Your Profile

Though Instagram started as a photo-sharing platform, it has evolved with time. Now, pictures are not the only ones that receive the most engagement. You must factor in videos as well. Thankfully, you can use an online video editor to experiment with various video content formats. You can include it in:

  • The feeds
  • Reels
  • Stories
  • IGTV 

Videos get a lot of hearts and receive comments, too. So leverage your online video editor, and use cool templates to quickly make stellar “insta-worthy” videos. 

Use Different Calls to Action

If you want to engage your followers, think of fun ways for people to interact with your posts. You can try the following tactics: 

  • Host raffle draws or giveaways with instructions like tag a friend to join
  • Ask leading questions like, “What’s your fave lippie color?”
  • Use cool hashtags to draw even more attention to your promo
  • Hold contests by asking them to share your post and dropping a comment below
  • Tag a friend in the comments to win a prize

Make these posts enticing. For example, you can use your online video editor to create teasers for your contests. You can add effects, backgrounds, music, and filters to make them more fun. 

Take Advantage of User-Generated Materials

You can grow your account exponentially by utilizing user-generated content. It will encourage the original content owners, along with their network, to engage with what you shared. Besides, the IG algorithm factors your relationship with your followers to help rank your profile. On top of that, user-generated content provides better memory recall and greater audience impact. This is certainly a valuable strategy that deserves a spot in your marketing approach.

Tell Amazing IG Stories

So many people still do not leverage their IG stories. Remember, this feature takes on a prominent position. After all, it stays on top of your main feed. Hence, you can grab more followers with compelling IG stories. Make the content creation process seamless by using your online video editor. There are tons of templates there for short video snippets. 

Remember, IG stories typically last 24 hours, not unless you pin your favorite stories so they won’t disappear. Consistently releasing stories throughout your day gives you an opportunity to engage with followers. Besides, the more they watch it, the higher your posts will rank on their feed. These temporary IG Stories prove effective because they cater to FOMO. That’s the psychological factor called the “fear of missing out!” Since stories disappear, people feel compelled to watch them unfold. 

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Broadcast LIVE on IG

Another handy trick to secure followers is going LIVE. When you stream live video, your profile appears right at the front of your followers’ Stories feed. Of course, this is assuming that no other profile is life at the same time as you. On top of that, the live logo amps up your profile photo, making it look more eye-catching. 

This tactic will bring you front and center in your followers’ eyes. Seeing your logo proudly displayed like that may even encourage your followers to check out your profile. Utilize this to deliver quality video content and show everyone that you are serious.

Utilize Sponsored Posts

Instagram ads can still promote your organic reach. If you have a business account, you can promote and market your existing posts within the app. But how do you know which content to promote? Check out these helpful hints:

  • Check your Insights
  • Tap on Impressions
  • Check Engagements values for your posts in the past 7 days
  • Select appropriate filters to get the right data

The posts that resonated with most of your followers will most likely resonate with others. This is a great way to enhance your reach and expand your audience base. 

Parting Words

Finally, if you truly want to reach more people, you have to become a terrific IG app user. For starters, the algorithms were set up to encourage authentic and positive behaviors. This was implemented to discourage abuses and other malicious hacks. Thus, if you want to grow your reach, you must take note of the following:

  • Post quality content that’s relevant to your followers
  • Quickly answer queries 
  • Show appreciation for comments
  • Explore other people’s profiles 
  • Build a relationship with others
  • Comment on other people’s posts

To truly create a great impression on people, aim for quality content. It’s better to post one stunning image or video than to post 20 random ones. Therefore, you must think long and hard about your content and posting strategy. Assess how that post will contribute to your brand and encourage engagement before you hit that post button. 

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