What Is the UPSC Exam Pattern?

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What Is the UPSC Exam Pattern?

UPSC exams are one of the most competitive exams in our country. Each year, lakhs of aspirants prepare for this exam. It’s a dream job for many aspirants to crack this exam and serve the nation. An aspirant must prepare hard to pass this exam.

There are a few basics that he must follow to be successful in this exam and some of them are knowing the exam details like – UPSC exam pattern, syllabus, etc. Let’s learn more about this exam in detail. This will help you to prepare well for this exam. This exam needs a strategy to cover the exam syllabus in a smart way. You shall also practice and take a lot of mock tests to check your preparation level from time to time. One must take the help of online resources like BYJUS exam prep to understand the exam pattern, syllabus, eligibility, or how to appear for this exam? These websites are usually updated and provide the latest information about the same. This is the reason one must check these websites apart from other study material and resources, to keep themselves updated with all the latest happenings related to this exam.

What is the UPSC Exam Pattern?

One of the most prestigious exams, UPSC, can help you get the most reputed job like IAS, IFS, or IPS.  It is also considered a pathway to getting a lot more respectable posts in the Central government departments. A candidate must know that there are three steps to get this job. Step one is to clear the prelims exam which is also known as the qualifying examination. The candidates who are able to pass this exam will be eligible to appear for UPSC mains. The ones who pass with the minimum score required in UPSC Mains go for the interview round. Similarly, for the UPSC CSE, aspirants need to pass two papers. Those two papers are General Studies 1 and CSAT. The most important tip here is to check before selecting the answer as a wrong one would fetch a negative marking. He can choose to leave it or skip answering a question in case he’s not sure as skipping would get zero but a wrong answer would get a negative marking. So this is the UPSC exam Patter:

  1. UPSC Prelims – Objective-type questions
  2. UPSC mains – Written test
  3. Interview – Personality test

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What is the Role of Current Affairs in UPSC Exams?

One of the most important topics while preparing for the UPSC exam is current affairs. It has become really important in the last few years. The proportion of current affair question has increased in UPSC exams. Though there’s no fixed pattern or trend it is quite unpredictable as seen in the last few years’ papers. It is a vast subject which covers almost all types of topics. The core subject covered under this section is Polity, geography, economics, or other dynamic subjects like technology, science, or the environment.

The question from this section also covers Indian policies, initiatives, international ramifications, or agreements. Right issues, good governance, sustainable development, and other important national and international topics are also a part of this section.

You might feel that it’s difficult to classify what topic comes under what subject here. So this is the reason many candidates feel that some of the questions are not from the current events but that’s not true.

The only secret to preparing for current affairs is to start preparing for it by reading at least a year in advance using the right sources.  An in-depth study of core subjects shall also help you to prepare for this subject. You can also take help from online resources like BYJUS exam prep to know more about this exam.

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