Marketing food in restaurants and cinemas

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Marketing food in restaurants and cinemas

Restaurants nowadays do not focus solely on food, no restaurants these days do much more. All of this is thanks to the rise of social media. Big restaurants these days are forced to have a whole marketing department to keep up with the competition. Posting pictures of how good the food looks and what kind of ambiance you can expect at the restaurant. How a marketing department goes to work depends largely on the status of the restaurant. The most well known restaurants around the world with a more luxurious ambiance are more formal on social media than big chains. 

Put your brand on it

Nowadays it is impossible to walk into a restaurant without seeing its logo at least ten times. Restaurants have their logos printed on the menu, cutlery and staff clothing. They are even printing napkins in the homestyle of the brand. But exposing customers that much to a brand logo is for a good reason. When people enjoy the food and the experience, a stronger association will arise between the brand and the happy feeling that customers have about the restaurant. Which will result in the will to come back, telling family and friends about it and a loyal relationship between customer and restaurant. 

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Take away 

Since Covid-19 the take away meals ordered and new take away restaurants have grown massively. People were not able to eat out anymore so meals were delivered at home. But how do you create the same effect described above when you deliver meals at home? Simple! You just do the exact same thing. Bags, burger boxes and even bamboo skewers were all provided with a nice little logo of the restaurant. 

This turned out to be a great success because when at home, there was not as much bonding with the restaurant as when you are physically there. When all the products are provided with a logo, people still create an association with the restaurant which makes it feel like you are eating out in your own house. 

Who are we? Use your brand identity!

The most important word in marketing is brand identity. It shows to people what values ​​and standards your company stands for. By doing this customers can relate to those values and standards which will increase brand loyalty. But how to get started on creating a brand identity? 

First and foremost, understand your target audience, then further segment that audience into individual buyer personas with interests and lifestyles you cater to. Establish a theme and feel that works well with all your personas, and then consistently express that in every piece of content you create and every action you take.

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