What Is Fixed Installment Method?

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Are you curious to know what is fixed installment method? You have come to the right place as I am going to tell you everything about fixed installment method in a very simple explanation. Without further discussion let’s begin to know what is fixed installment method?

In the realm of personal finance and loan management, various methods dictate how individuals repay borrowed funds. The Fixed Installment Method stands as a structured approach to loan repayment, offering predictability and clarity in managing financial obligations. In this blog, we delve into the Fixed Installment Method, unraveling its mechanics, advantages, and implications for borrowers navigating the world of loans and repayments.

What Is Fixed Installment Method?

  1. Structure of Fixed Installment Method: The Fixed Installment Method, also known as the Fixed Installment Loan or Equal Installment Method, involves a repayment plan wherein borrowers commit to paying a fixed amount at regular intervals throughout the loan tenure.
  2. Consistent Payments: Under this method, each installment consists of both principal repayment and interest charges. Despite fluctuations in interest rates (if the loan has a variable interest rate), the total payment remains constant throughout the loan term.
  3. Amortization Schedule: Lenders provide borrowers with an amortization schedule detailing each installment’s allocation between principal and interest. Initially, a higher proportion of the installment goes towards interest, with the principal repayment gradually increasing over time.

Advantages Of Fixed Installment Method

  1. Predictability and Budgeting: Borrowers benefit from predictable monthly payments, simplifying budgeting and financial planning as they can anticipate and account for the same payment amount each month.
  2. Clear Debt Repayment Timeline: The fixed installment structure provides clarity regarding the loan’s duration and the precise date when the debt will be fully repaid, aiding in long-term financial planning.
  3. Reduced Interest Cost Over Time: As borrowers steadily pay down the principal amount, the interest component of each installment decreases, potentially reducing the overall interest cost over the loan term.

Implications For Borrowers

  1. Financial Discipline: The Fixed Installment Method requires borrowers to commit to regular, consistent payments. Adherence to this schedule instills financial discipline and responsibility.
  2. Interest Rate Impact: While the total payment remains fixed, changes in interest rates can affect the proportion of each installment allocated to principal and interest, impacting the overall interest cost.


The Fixed Installment Method serves as a structured and transparent approach to loan repayment, offering borrowers stability, predictability, and a clear roadmap for settling financial obligations. Its systematic nature simplifies budgeting and financial planning, enabling borrowers to manage their debt efficiently and work towards achieving financial freedom. By understanding and embracing this method, borrowers can navigate loan repayment with clarity and confidence, fostering financial discipline and a proactive approach towards debt management.


What Is A Fixed Instalment Method?

It is also called the Original cost method, Fixed Installment method or Equal Installment method. Under this method, the depreciation calculation is done by deducting the residual value from the Cost of the asset and then the amount is divided by the number of years the asset was used for or its useful life.

What Is The Fixed Instalment Process?

Fixed installment method of depreciation is also known as Straight line method of providing depreciation. Under this method, the amount of depreciation is constant as it is charged on the original cost of the asset.

What Is Fixed Installment Method Mcq?

The amount of annual depreciation is computed on the Original Cost, and it remains fixed from year to year. This method is also known as the ‘Original Cost method’ or ‘Fixed Instalment method’.

What Are The Advantages Of Fixed Installment Method?

* Fixed installment method is simple to understand and easy to calculate the amount of depreciation. * Fixed installment method provides the same amount of depreciation throughout the life of the asset. * Fixed installment method helps to estimate the amount of depreciation in advance.

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