What are the Advantages of Loose Chair Covers?

Juliet D'cruz

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Loose chair covers are an attractive choice for wedding chair decor because they are versatile and easy to find. If you’re looking for chair covers to fit a theme or design, loose chair covers can usually be dyed to match your specifications. They also provide more room for creative chair decoration ideas. Loose chair cover benefits include:

Dimensions of the Chair Cover

The first thing to consider when shopping for loose chair covers is the dimensions of each chair. A standard chair covering size would be 18″ x 102″. It’s important to calculate this measurement before purchasing so the chair cover doesn’t hang too low on the chairs and touch the ground as guests will walk all over it throughout the reception. This length goes from top of shoulder (where chair back meets chair seat) to bottom of chair. The circumference around the chair legs will be about half this measurement, so be sure to allow enough fabric for a chair bow or sash as well as some draping that can be gathered and hung from the underside of the chair frame. The width of the chair cover comes from measuring from top outer corners at either side where it meets in front on chair center. Sometimes one side is wider than other if it’s meant to drape more.

Units differ according to company but generally this unit conversion works: 1 inch = 2 .54 centimeters; 1 foot = 12 inches; 1 yard = 3 feet; 1 mile = 5,280 feet or about 1,760 yards (or approximately 1,609 meters); 1 ounce = 28.35 grams; 1 quart = 0.946 liters;1 gallon = 3.78 liters

Types of Chair Bows and Sashes Commonly Used with Loose Covers

The most common chair bows are the chair sash which is just a long piece of fabric in coordinating color or pattern that ties around back of chair where top meets seat at shoulder blades. The chair tie comes in its own little casing so when you remove it from chair you have two pieces…one for each side to tie together behind chair back on either side of chair center. Chair skirt is an option if you are looking for something more substantial than a bow but not quite as a full cover drape. This is usually a half chair cover that goes down to chair seat and ties on chair legs at front corners. 

Chair sashes are also called chair ribbons or chair bows. If you choose chair covers, be aware of the various options you have for chair decorating ideas using these pieces. 

Here are some popular choices:

1) Chair sash tied around chair back.

2) Chair tie made into bow with loops wrapped around both sides of chair center with tails hanging toward front for an elegant look or towards back for a more casual look. You can use one bow or make two separate ones to tie on each side of chair center if you go with this option. A great way to disguise fabric behind your exquisite chair covers is by tying chair bows at chair back. You can use chair ties or chair sashes of the same fabric as your chair cover or go with a coordinating color from our site to tie into your wedding colors and theme.

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3) Chair skirt: This is an option if you want more substantial draping around chair legs and floor like you see with high end event decor but not quite as formal looking as chair covers that come all the way down to chair seat. It’s also a great choice for chairs with arms (round off arm, curl it under and staple it to underside of frame). Or make one continuous piece by turning this half circle skirt upside down so seam runs up the center back…figure out how much yardage you need based on chair height.

Standing chair decor ideas are another option. These are set up with chair covers but rather than draping chair back these chair stands are put together upside down at front corners to make a triangle or X shape under chair then twisted into a circle to stand on their own 3-5 feet off the ground. There’s no draping involved…just fabric cut out of one piece, wrapped around frame and tied on the bottom center front where chair legs meet chair seat, so it swags in opposite directions from each side towards center front for fullness . This is more formal looking though slightly less substantial because there isn’t any chair cover fabric to go beneath chair leg area. Another standing option is using just our awesome floor length table skirts that come in chair length for chair decor ideas around chair legs.


When you choose chair decor ideas, you can go with chair bows tied around chair back or chair decor that brings the party up to chair level for less visual interruption and a more elegant look. 

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