How can bail agents ensure quick release of arrested persons by arranging for bail bonds?

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Facing arrest can be a terrifying experience and millions of people arrested in the United States every year are keen to obtain an order for release on bail to avoid spending time in jail. Soon after the arrest, the police take the person in their custody for framing charges and subsequently produce him in court, where the person pleads for release while pending trial. As legal processes are lengthy, it takes considerable time to complete the process during which the arrested person must stay in jail. The only way to get out of jail soon after the arrest is to avail bail through bonds with the help of experts in the market like Castle Bail Bonds. The court accepts bail as a guarantee that the arrested person will cooperate with the authorities and follow due legal process by appearing in court later when the trial begins. 

The convenience of bail bonds

The arrested person seeking bail can pay cash for the bail amount as determined by the court. In some cases, the amount is predetermined as per the bail chart available with the police, depending on the nature of the crime. However, arranging for cash in a short time to ensure a speedy release is not always possible because either the bail amount is too high or it isn’t easy to prove that the cash used for paying bail is from legal sources only. 

An easier and faster way is to avail bail bonds with help from some bail bondsman or bail agent. The bail bond is a legal undertaking given by the arrested person according to the law that assures the court that if freed, the person will abide by the conditions of the bail and will appear in court on the due date of hearing. Since the bail agent acts on behalf of the arrested person and takes full responsibility for arranging the bail bond, it is easier for the detained person. The person can just sit back after paying only 10% of the bail amount to the bail agent for completing the procedure in the shortest time to ensure a quick release.

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How bail agents work

Bail agents are available round the clock and provide services throughout the day and night because they understand the pain of the arrested persons who want to get out of the police custody at the earliest. Soon upon contacting a bail agent who typically works with some bail bond company, the agent will immediately meet the arrested person to gather all details about the arrest. He would like to know about the person’s background, whether it is a first-time offense, collect the facts of the case, understand how serious is the offense, the circumstances of an arrest, and refer to other police records related to the case that are necessary for generating the bail bond. 

The arrested person must pay upfront 10% of the bail amount and furnish some security in the form of movable or immovable assets that serve as collateral. The arrangement helps bail agents to cover the risks of standing as a guarantor for a stranger who happens to be the client. 

As the bail agent works in conjunction with a network of resources, he can speedily process the bail bond and produce it before the authorities to ensure a quick release of the arrested person.  

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