Top 7 Scholarships for Filmmaking Students in the UK

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How much is your life connected with cinema?

Perhaps in the future, you will become a new world-famous director? The scholarship will help you succeed.

If you are a student and filmmaking is your priority, stay tuned for the top 7 film scholarships. Scholarships for different qualifications will be presented here, so you will definitely find the right option.

What Is the Importance of Films?

Film studies is an art that embraces all possible approaches to cinema. Very often, people confuse this subject and attribute it to journalism or film studies. 

Film studies show us that films are a universal way to make a profit. Someone associates the word “film” with Hollywood cinema, but this is not so. A lot of people are involved in the creation of the film: from actors and directors to illuminators.

Students whose profession is related to cinematography get a lot of opportunities since cinematography is the richest industry in the world.

So what is the importance of cinema? Movies can motivate, relax, and even relieve depression. Cinema helps understand oneself and form one’s worldview. Example: When you watch a horror movie, you subconsciously overcome fear. 

When you watch a comedy, you relax. With the help of the cinema industry, you can study the biography of your favorite singer or actor, learn more about the culture of other countries, or visit another planet. You can also find inspiration for writing a school essay with the help of films, but it would be correct to delegate this task to expert paper writing services, such as to have your essays written online by professional academic writers.

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What Are the Types of Scholarships?

There are a good number of colleges across the UK that support the younger generation on their path to success in the film industry.

However, like any other path of learning, it comes at a cost. Scholarships will help students pay part or all of the cost.

Some scholarships are academic scholarships exclusively for students of certain educational institutions. While another kind of scholarship is open to everyone. You may also be offered a national award as a scholarship in both cases.

Here are the top 7 scholarships you can get in the UK:

  1. BAFTA Scholarship. Individuals who win this scholarship will receive an award of £12,000. The winners will also receive the best mentors to help them achieve success and access to BAFTA events.
  2. Narotam Sekhsaria Scholarship.
  3. Unite Foundation Scholarship at Queen Mary University of London.
  4. British Chevening Scholarship.
  5. Marshall Scholars.
  6. London Film School Scholarship.
  7. Camera Ready Award.

How to Get a Scholarship?

To receive a scholarship, you must fill out an application and submit a short film in any of the following genres for evaluation by the jury:

  • Narrative
  • Documentary
  • Comedy
  • Alternative
  • Horror
  • Melodrama

It is also possible that you are given a specific theme for the film.

What Professions Does the Scholarship Cover?

Professionals in the field of cinema are in demand more and more every day. The first step to success is education. Think about what type of scholarship is right for you. Usually, it is indicated on the official website; you only need to indicate the profession. Start by looking for scholarships for these professions:

  • Cinema
  • Digital Cinema
  • Documentary film
  • Horror and thrillers
  • Film production
  • Film script
  • Storyboarding and filming

How to Find a Scholarship?

You can use various resources and methods to find scholarships, such as asking your school or college about it. You can also read about scholarships in the library or on the official website of your educational institution. 

You just need to make sure that the information provided is up to date. But what if you are not interested in a school scholarship? Then use the sources below to get the information you need:

Try these free scholarship information sources:

  • school or college library;
  • consultants who specialize in this topic;
  • websites with available scholarships;
  • agencies of federal enterprises;
  • grenade agency of Great Britain or your city;
  • electronic libraries;
  • funds;
  • public organizations;
  • groups in social networks on the relevant topic;

Also, remember that you do not have to pay in any way to receive a scholarship or to register for a competition.

How Can I Get Scholarship Money?

In fact, it depends on the type of scholarship provided. The money can be sent to your personal account or to the college. In the second option, you can use the money to cover student debt or send the money to foundations. Scholarship amounts can vary widely, from £50 to tens of thousands of pounds.

Getting a scholarship will have a good effect on the attitude towards you and your student life, especially if you channel that money into college forts. Remember that your college donation cannot, by law, exceed the cost of attending the college. It is a good idea to notify the finance department that you have received a scholarship so that staff can deduct this amount from your tuition fees. Further, you can dispose of the money as you see fit.


Scholarships are a kind of gift. You do not have to reimburse them. Schools and other organizations provide you with the opportunity to pay for your education or use these funds to achieve success in the field of cinema. Register for a scholarship and get your first prize now!

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