Large Range Of Quintrex Boats For Sale At Brisbane Yamaha

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Large Range Of Quintrex Boats For Sale At Brisbane Yamaha

Brisbane is a city located in the south-east corner of Queensland, Australia. The eastern shore of the city is surrounded by Moreton Bay (bay of coral reef). With the geographical location of this city surrounded by water, it requires a number of boats for numerous applications like fishing. Quintrex boats are the finest boats made of aluminium. They can be used for various applications like family trips or simply as a fishing boat. 

Features of Quintrex Boats

What makes them so special are their features such as a blade hull, which makes it run in water easily. This makes the boat run faster and more efficiently in water. Another feature of quintrex boats is flared blow, which basically means that the shape of the boat is such that the passenger on the boat stays dry while boating. Another feature is the eclipse hull, which provides stability to the boat in comparison to regular boats. Last feature is the fighter series bow which offers a fork shaped bow which increases the overall stability of the boat and makes it quite useful for fishing.  

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Brisbane Yamaha Offering Large Variety Of Quintrex Boats

Quintrex boats for sale in Brisbane are available at Brisbane Yamaha. Whether to buy new or used quintrex boats, Brisbane Yamaha is the best dealer of Quintrex aluminium boats in Brisbane. They also offer the Baysport range of fibreglass boats. They have a site with an area of 2 acres with more than hundred models of boats on display . They offer the best of prices on boats. They also sell Polycraft boats along with Baysport and Quintrex boats. Along with boats, they sell outboards too with the highest sales in Australia of outboards. They sell the following models of Quintrex boats:

  1. Quintrex Renegades
  2. Quintrex Tinnies and Open boats
  3. Quintrex Explorer Tinnies
  4. Quintrex Hornets 
  5. Quintrex Top Enders & Territory Legends
  6. Quintrex Runabouts
  7. Quintrex Bowriders
  8. Quintrex Frontier – APEX HULL
  9. Quintrex Freestyler – APEX HULL
  10. Quintrex Cabin Boats
  11. Quintrex Trident Plate Boats
  12. Yellowfin

Apart from selling boats, they are the leading authorized Yamaha outboard service centre. They can service any outboard of any company with the best of their employees. They offer used boats at best prices and best outboard services. They offer the best prices of boats especially when one is on a budget. They have professional employees with excellent knowledge in boats and they can help you out in choosing the correct model of boat as per your needs and budget. Along with that, the customer service is amazing and full attention is paid to even the slightest complaint or query of the customer.


Quintrex boats are excellent as they can be used in multiple ways. Yamaha Brisbane is the home of Quintrex boats. They offer a wide variety of boats such as Quintrex boats, BaySport and Yellowfin boats. They offer new as well as used boats at the best prices. They provide the best boats as per the needs and the budget of the customer. They have customers from Brisbane as well as Queendsland. They are the largest seller of Yamaha outboards in Australia with leading authorized Yamaha outboard service centre. 

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