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Hats have always remained at the top of the accessory list for both men and women. Apart from the practical aspect, hats can instantly uplift your overall look. There are different choices available in the market. Your selection of headwear will depend on the occasion and your personality. If you are going for a musical event, you have to go with different headwear, and if you are going for a religious gathering, your selection will be distinct. 

From pattern to texture to material to overall look, everything depends on the occasion. From boho hats to fedora hats to Panama hats, there are multiple options before you. Irrespective of your style, you will have to select something that caters to your personality. Apart from this, you have to pay attention to your hairstyle. For creating a perfect overall look, you will have to prepare your hair. Hence, there are some critical areas you will have to explore.

Fishtail pigtails

Although pigtails are associated with high school children, they can add a different dimension to your overall look. They will give you a grown-up impression and make you look super chick. You can part the hair in equal sections and make a fishtail braid. Make sure that each of these is in proper proportion so that they tease your overall look. Gently tug the bread and try to make it a little bit loose. It will give you a messy impression but a fuller one that will go best with your fedora hats.

Tuck buns

When heading towards the summer season, you have to arrange your hair so as not to make you feel hot. You have to brush your hair to achieve a messy look. You will have to work with pins and clips. Just pull the hair and make it into a low ponytail. Secure the same with the help of elastic. After this, you will have to flip the ponytail end upward and towards the side. Secure the same with a different elastic for creating a tucked bun. The look goes best with your Panama hats and beanie caps. These caps are available in other materials, textures, colors, and sizes. You will have to select those which are of high quality and come from reputable stores. When selecting your hat, you have to pay attention to your head size. For those having a large head, you must go with broad-brimmed hats. Those having an oval face must go with shorter brimmed hats that will complement their overall look.

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Accent braids

If you want to try out something different from your regular hairstyle, you can add tiny braids throughout the hair. Just grab a little section of your hair on one side and make it into a fishtail braid. Try to loosen it up so that it does not look like a typical braid. Split the hair into sections, leaving two to three inches at the bottom. Make it into a knot and secure it with the help of pins on the hair to prevent spoiling the braid. The look is best to go with wide-brimmed fedora hats. Apart from this, you can pair it up with women straw cowboy hats for that street-style look. Go with minimum makeup and fewer accessories for giving it a balanced appearance.

Flat fringe with messy waves

If you want to create an impression of fringe and get back to the 70s style, you will have to go with messy waves. Just pull a small section of your hair and comb it down. Press the hair to the forehead with the help of your palm for flattening the hair. Try to sweep the ends from the face by leaving a small section near the roots pulled forward. It will create an illusion of a flat bridge with messy waves. The style is best for beanie caps and baseball caps. It gives a sporty look that is good to go for a summer afternoon event.

Apart from this, you can go with shoelace buns and milkmaid twists. These are stylish hairdos for creating a boho look. You do not require any accessories to decorate your hair. All you need to do is practice your hairstyle so that it comes out to be perfect on the final day. Your selection of the hairstyle will depend on the headwear you are selecting for the occasion. Apart from this, your personality and sense of style will dictate your choice of headwear. When choosing the hats, give attention to their material to not regret your decision later on. From fedora hats to cowboy hats to Panama hats to beanie hats, you have multiple options before you. Each of these will suit your style depending on your budget and occasion. If your hairstyle compliments your personality, you will look stunning in a hat. 

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