How To Increase Your Internet Speed For Free.

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How To Increase Your Internet Speed For Free.

Whether you are working from home, streaming a movie, or playing a game online, we all want to enjoy fast internet. There is nothing worse than a buffering video, or slow downloads and all this is because of slow internet speed. The worst part is that you may not have the funds to simply upgrade. Lucky for you there is some trick you can try to improve your internet speed free of charge. That is what we want to share with you in this article.

Free Tricks To Increase Your WiFi Speed.

The following are the main easy things you can do on your own to help improve your internet:

Add a WiFi password.

Most people are ignorant of this but WiFi passwords are very important. Not only do they protect your network from cyber threats, but also keep out freeloaders who want to use your connection for free. The reason for the slow internet could be because of these freeloaders tapping into your network, So, if you do not already have a password, the first thing you need to do is add one. You’ll notice an improvement in your speeds once the users have been limited.

Limit the devices connected to the router.

Aside from intruders, you also need to look at the number of devices you’ve included in your network. The more the devices are connected, the slower the speed will be. That may be why you’ll notice a drop in performance. So, one of the first things to do is to disconnect the devices you are not using. Some routers are programmed to help with this by prioritizing the devices that need more bandwidth. Either way, just unplug the unused devices and you’ll notice a significant improvement.

Change the channel you are using.

With wireless connections, many channels can be used to transmit signals. It could be that the channel you are using is the same one your neighbors or those around you are using as well. When a channel is overcrowded, you are likely to experience slow internet speed. So, try changing to a different channel. Read the router’s manual or guide, or search for the instructions online, if you are unsure. But there should be a setting that allows changing your channels.

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Switch to a wired connection.

By this, we mean connecting your device to the router directly using an ethernet cable. They will transmit data at a faster rate because they don’t need to encrypt them. They also suffer little to no interference from other devices. The only issue would be that your movement will be limited but at least you’ll have a faster internet speed. Just ensure that there are no kinks or knots on the cable that may interfere with data transfer.

Move your router to a central location. 

Sometimes the issue is where you’ve placed your router. WiFi signals have a hard time passing through objects especially ones like thick cemented walls. That is why you are always advised to put your router somewhere open, central, and high up. There should be minimal obstacles if at all. It should also be located in such a way that the signal reaches a majority of the house or space, if not all of it. While thinking of location, also consider the devices around the router. There are some electronics, like microwaves that may interfere with the router’s signal. In that case, ensure that you’ve kept the router far away from them. 

Restart or Reboot your router.

Sometimes your internet may be lagging because of a caching issue with the router. It could also be that you haven’t updated the router or that there are bugs affecting its firmware. Temporarily switching your router off and then on again may help improve the speed a bit and also update whatever firmware needs updating. Rebooting it, however, may clear the caching issue and free up more space in the router. Although this isn’t something you should do regularly maybe as the last resort.  

Spring clean your device.

If you’ve tried all the tricks above and your device still registers slow internet speed, then it might be the problem. Try cleaning and updating your device. Ensure all browsers, applications, and anti-viruses are up to date. Clean out the cache history. Stop any background apps and automatic downloads. You can also change the internet settings of each application to low usage. 

One or more of these tricks are bound to help. Then you can enjoy streaming your favorite movies and series from streaming sites like, which assure you of a good experience. 

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