5 Things to Do the Moment Your Internet Connection Breaks

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5 Things to Do the Moment Your Internet Connection Breaks

There is nothing more frustrating than an internet outage. After all, it creates disruption in your tasks. Imagine this; You are having an important zoom meeting when suddenly your connection breaks. Wouldn’t it infuriate you? Plus, it will be embarrassing as well! Sure, you can subscribe to a decent provider to avoid this problem. But guess what? Technical issues are inevitable. Hence, it’s no surprise when some of us experience a Spectrum internet outage sometimes. This means that even if you are subscribed to a reputable provider, you can still face connectivity issues. 

Top 5 Things to Do When There’s an Internet Outage

When you are facing an internet outage, don’t panic! It’s normal for your internet connection to stutter sometimes. This may happen because of different reasons. However, there are some things that you can try doing to make the issue disappear. And they are as follows: 

#1. Restart Your Computer

Wait, what? Do you think restarting the computer can fix the internet issues? Well, it’s worth a shot! And here’s why; restarting the computer can easily fix a lot of minor issues that you might be having. Plus, when you restart the system, all the apps or processes that were running in the background will be closed. When this happens, you can expect your computer to perform faster. And there’s also a chance of your faulty internet connection getting fixed.

#2. Restart the Modem

Most of the time it is your router that causes problems with your internet connection. Therefore, you should consider restarting the device. However, make sure that there is no need for a hard reset. Just unplug the device and wait for a few seconds before plugging it back in. If there is on/off switch on your modem, you can use that as well. Restarting your modem can easily fix many internet issues. Hence, there is a strong chance that the problem will be resolved. If not, move on to the next step. 

#3. Isolate the Problem 

If you are having an internet issue, find out if your family members can use the connection with their devices. Also, you have to know if they are using wireless internet or are they using ethernet. If you have this information, it can become easier for you to figure out what the problem is. For example, if it is only those wireless users who can’t get access to the internet, then the problem could be with the access point. It is necessary for you to perform these checks before you call your provider. 

#4. Connect with Your Provider

You should reach out to your provider whenever you face a service-related issue. You shouldn’t feel any hesitation in doing this. When you call your provider, ask them if they are having an unscheduled or scheduled issue in your location. As stated before, technical issues can surface. And this can be one of those rare instances. So, check with them and they will give you an update. If it’s not your provider’s fault, their reps will try to troubleshoot the problem. And if the issue is complex, they will send over a technician to fix the problem. 

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#5. Check the Cables 

If your ISP says that there is nothing wrong at their end, you should think about checking your cables. You see, what happens most of the time is that there is a loose connection that causes the internet to act up. Hence, it will be a wise move to see if all the cables are connected correctly. If they aren’t, you should try to tighten them up and this will resolve the issue. You can also ask your provider for help, and they will be happy to take care of the matter. 

#6. Use a Different WiFi Channel 

Here’s the thing with routers; they automatically select a frequency channel that they use to broadcast your WiFi. So, if there are more devices or routers nearby, there is a possibility of those channels becoming overcrowded. So, what should you do? Well, you will need to use a WiFi channel analyzer. It will let you know which channels are being used heavily. Once you find a considerably less congested channel, you can change the channel settings in your router to make it use that particular channel. This can potentially solve the connectivity problem. 


No one likes it when the internet doesn’t work. Therefore, whenever people experience an outage, they panic! You shouldn’t do that. Instead, follow the aforementioned tips to resolve the issue as soon as possible. This will only allow you to get back to whatever you were doing quicker. 

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