Can I Get Married If the Fiance is in Debt in UAE?

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Over the course of years, the reputations and laws in the UAE about dealing with debt-related issues have become quite strict. Being in debt has become very common in this day and age because almost everyone has credit card loans, mortgages, or car loans which can sometimes push one into difficult and unpleasant circumstances due to slightly wrong decisions. For someone who is getting married, it might be very important to know whether the person they are marrying is in debt or not. A lot of questions can arise in the mind. You might think how this would affect your marriage or married life if your partner is in debt in the UAE.

Is it Possible to Marry a Person who is in Debt in the UAE?

When thinking about debt in the case of court marriage in Dubai, the first question that comes to mind is that is it even possible to get legally married if any one of the spouses is in debt. Apparently, the answer is yes. There are no restrictions in the UAE that prohibit you from marrying while you are in debt or marrying a person who is in debt in the UAE. However, the point of consideration is that if the person you are marrying is actually in debt then what can be its effects or implications on you. Can it become a joint debt or not?

Implications of Spouse’s Debt on You

After a Dubai court marriage, if any one of the spouses is in debt, the following implications apply;

  • In Dubai, the person who has taken debt, and the debt is in whose name will only be responsible to pay the debt. The country will never hold the spouse accountable for the debt of his/her partner except if the spouse has willingly signed the contract of guarantor or has presented the bank with any type of security check regarding the debt.
  • In this case, if your spouse has taken debt through credit, you will not be liable for its payment. Only the cardholder will be liable for the debt. However, if you are the secondary cardholder of your spouse’s credit card, the debt will still be in the name of the primary cardholder. The secondary cardholder will not be held accountable for it.
  • In a situation, if the debt is not able to be recovered from the person who is liable for it, the relevant authorities or debt collectors can contact and interrogate the most closely related people such as the spouse. This does not make the spouse liable for the debt. The purpose of the authorities will be to try to recover the money.
  • It is critical to keep in mind that the legal terms don’t make the spouse liable for the partner’s debt if it is not recoverable. The debt will always belong to the person in the name of whom the debt is.
  • Similarly, in the case of divorce, the debt will still stay in the name of the person who took the loan. If both the spouses had joint debt, the debt will still stay joint even after the divorce. Similarly, the guarantor will be liable for the debt even after the divorce.
  • In case if the person who is liable for the debt dies, the debt will not pass on to the partner who is alive. It will stay in the name of the person who took it. The debt collectors will be able to recover money from the assets or bank balance the dead had before the distribution of his wealth in the closely related people. If the couple owned a joint asset that is in debt, the surviving partner will then be responsible to pay the debt.
  • If the couple owned joint assets such as a jointly owned real estate subject to a mortgage, then the spouse who is alive will be responsible to pay the debt if the other spouse dies. Couples often use mortgage insurance policies to cope with such unexpected situations.

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How can Lawyers Help You in the case of Dubai Court Marriage?

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