7 Best Hollywood Movies That Were Inspired By Bollywood

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Does Hollywood also copy Bollywood???

It is a shocker!!!

We understand that Hollywood’s accusation against Bollywood for blatantly copying them is justified but seems like it’s a two-way street.

Even Hollywood has also copied Bollywood in many instances and we are here to shed light upon them.

You can keep on reading this post and find out the top 7 movies in Hollywood that were originally inspired by Bollywood.

Top 7 Hollywood Movies Inspired By Bollywood

You can download these movies from the pirate bay and start watching them right now. But, we think you should know a little about them before you start watching them, so take a look:  

1: Leap Year

Leap Year is a 2010 romantic comedy, which is inspired by none other than a superhit Bollywood movie ‘Jab We Met’. 

Even though Leap Year’s producers don’t agree that they have copied the plot from Bollywood, we think you can make the decision yourself after you watch both of them.

On her way to propose to her boyfriend, a lively lady encounters a stranger and shares a hotel room with him. They fall in love, are separated for a while, but finally, reunite and marry.

The plot of Jab We Met is exactly the same and it was released in 2007, so you can understand the controversy, right?

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2: Delivery Man

You probably have enjoyed this movie but did you know it was inspired by a Bollywood movie called ‘Vicky Donor’? 

The only difference between the 2013 comedy-drama; Delivery Man and the 2012 movie Vicky Donor is David Wozniak is the father of 500+ children, whereas Vicky was the father of 53 children. 

We can only assume that David Wozniak was more fertile but the central theme of both movies revolve around sperm donation, so decide it yourself!

3: A Common Man

What happens when a suspected terrorist plants bombs across the city and threatens the police to detonate them until they agree to release his recommended prisoners?

You get an awesome movie with a cool cast and a mind-boggling storyline.

But, A Common Man (2013) was originally copied from the Bollywood film: A Wednesday (2008) and Ben Kingsley killed the role played by Naseeruddin Shah, so this one here is a must-watch. 

4: Kill Bill

Despite the storyline differences, Quentin Tarantino’s acclaimed thriller ‘Kill Bill’ (2003) contained action sequences that he himself said Anurag Kashyap was influenced by the Bollywood movie Abhay (2001).

So, this one is not exactly a copy, but it is inspired and we appreciate Tarantino’s honesty here!!!

However, the film ‘Abhay’ was also a Hindi remake of the Tamil movie: Aalavandhan but both of them starred Kamal Hassan.

5: Fear

Fear (1996) is an exact replica of the 1993 Bollywood film: Darr starring none other than Hindi Cinema’s King: Shahrukh Khan.

Even the name and role of Shahrukh as an obsessive stalker are recreated pretty well in this movie, which raises no suspicion about Fear being inspired by Darr.

So, you can watch it now and tell us the similarities! We know you will find plenty.

6: Just Go With It

Sushmita Sen is Jennifer Aniston, while Salman Khan is Adam Sandler. Yes, you probably know which movie we are talking about.

It’s none other than the Bollywood comedy: Maine Pyaar Kyon Kiya, which is a 2005 release that inspired the plot of Just Go With It (2011).

Once you start watching the Bollywood version, we are sure you will fall in love with the original more than the remake. Just give it a shot!

7: Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor was not only a romantic love triangle but, it has a more intricate storyline that you can understand only after watching the movie. 

The plots of Pearl Hearbor (2001) and its Bollywood inspiration source: Sangam (1964) are nearly identical, with the exception that Sangam had only one buddy as a pilot, whilst its Hollywood equivalent had both.

But, we must say the storyline is superb, so you won’t regret watching both versions if you are a movie enthusiast!

Wrapping It Up!

Now that you have understood which Hollywood movies have copied from Bollywood, you should think twice before judging a book by its cover.

Anyways, all of these movies are good ones for a binge-watching session, so you can download them right away.

If you need more details on them, ping us in the comment box, and we will get back to you shortly.

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