5 easy ways to make a family collage

Charlotte Miller

A collage is a great way to show a bigger picture to someone by using smaller images that come together as a whole. There are various uses for collages. One may use them to present business ideas, to present a school project, or simply to collect and remember precious moments.

Collages make great gifts for loved ones and can even be decoration pieces to hang in your home that remind you of precious memories. This might be a daunting task but there are ways to make the process fun. Using some design tips, not only can you make the process fun, but you can also show off your artistic side as well.

Use A Collage Maker

Regardless of how creative you are and what your skill at designing is, it is recommended you use a collage maker. Doing so will make the process easier and neater. There are many photo collage maker services out there, such as PosterMyWall, that you may use for this purpose. You can choose from a plethora of backgrounds, photo borders, attractive fonts, and some clip art to spice things up.

Moreover, if you don’t like something about the collage, you can always edit and tweak it easily to suit your needs. There will also be some templates available that you can check out if you’re short on ideas. You may then tweak them or use them as inspirations to create something unique of your own.

This is a good example of what you can accomplish with a photo collage maker. It features a simple background with a pleasing color but the thing that makes it pop is the photos themselves. You may notice that the family picture in the center appears in color while the surrounding photos are in monochrome. This allows them to form a sort of border while highlighting the picture in the middle.

Select A Theme

Each family collage has a theme behind it, i.e. the memories it aims to capture. You may create a collage to give to your partner on a special day or may want to make a collage for some graduations, or perhaps make one to remember a special trip. As such, ask yourself what memory or memories you want to capture in this collage.

This will help shape the collage design and what the end result may look like. A theme will help you select the background, font, and even the photos that will go on the collage. So before you get to making anything, sit down and decide your theme first.

Choose Your Photos

Once you have decided what theme you want to go for, the next part is selecting the photos that will go on the collage. This part should be easier with the theme decided, however, you’ll still need to sort through your photo collection. This is because a photo may fit the theme and the general idea you are going for, but it wouldn’t look as flattering when presented.

So you need to take out all your photos and sort through them manually to see which ones would fit. This is important because it will dictate what composition and orientation the finished collage will have. You can only fit so many photos on a collage so you also need to keep in mind their respective dimensions and sizes.

Select A Composition Style

Now comes the task of arranging the photos on your collage. This can be done easily by following some kind of composition style. There are several you can follow for this purpose. The simplest and easiest one is the grid, where you create evenly spaced photo boxes for a clean look. You can also go for a montage, which is similar to the grid but uses an irregular shape for the photo boxes. Then there is the freeform, which is pretty self-explanatory.

These composition style choices depend on the kind of collage you want to make and where you want to put it up. The grid style is best for a family collage you’d put up in the living room while the freeform is best for more personal collages. Usually online family collage makers, like PosterMyWall, offer templates made for a particular composition style. You can select one according to your needs and tweak it.

Font Selection

Although it is possible to make a collage with no text at all, it will really make it pop if you add some text to it. A few sentences appreciating your family and such will show the love and appreciation that went into this project. As such, you’ll need to select a font for this purpose. There will be many options available but generally, cursive-style fonts are better suited here.

Write down messages that show the love and appreciation you have for your family. These shouldn’t be longer than a sentence or two since the goal of the collage is to remember moments visually. Ideally, you want to position this text in the center. But if you have a photo occupying that space, you’ll have to be a bit creative.

Final Thoughts

The purpose of a family collage is to show love and appreciation for your family. You’ll be collecting and showing off photographs of precious moments you spent with them. These will be pictures of special events, a trip you took together, or even just a good day you spent with your family. Reliving those moments and conveying to the family that the reason everyone had a good time was due to us spending it together as a whole.

The advice above is all simple tips you can follow to create a great collage for your family. It is written in a simple and organized way to make it easy-to-follow so you can create the perfect collage for your family and show them the love and appreciation they deserve.