What Is Provisional Degree Certificate?

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In the academic sphere, the attainment of a degree marks a significant milestone, paving the way for individuals to embark on their professional endeavors. Amidst this transition, the provisional degree certificate stands as a crucial document, bridging the gap between academic accomplishments and the onset of a career. Let’s delve into what a provisional degree certificate entails, its significance, and its role in shaping the academic and professional trajectory of individuals.

What Is Provisional Degree Certificate?

A provisional degree certificate, often referred to as a provisional certificate or provisional marksheet, is an interim document issued by educational institutions upon the completion of academic requirements for a degree program. It serves as temporary evidence that the individual has fulfilled the necessary criteria for the degree, pending the official issuance of the final degree certificate.

Significance And Purpose

  • Facilitating Employment Opportunities: A provisional degree certificate plays a pivotal role in job applications, allowing individuals to showcase their academic qualifications while awaiting the official degree certificate. It serves as proof of completion of the course requirements.
  • Continuation of Further Studies: For individuals pursuing higher education or enrolling in advanced courses, the provisional degree certificate serves as provisional evidence of qualification, enabling enrollment while awaiting the official degree certificate.
  • Time-Efficient Document: Issuance of provisional certificates typically occurs sooner than the official degree certificate, enabling graduates to kick-start their professional pursuits without delay.

Key Features And Validity

A provisional degree certificate includes essential details such as the name of the candidate, the course completed, the date of completion, and academic grades or marks obtained.

While provisional, this document holds validity and credibility, often being accepted by employers or educational institutions as proof of qualification until the official degree certificate is issued.

Procedure For Obtaining A Provisional Degree Certificate

Upon completion of academic requirements, individuals can apply for a provisional degree certificate through their educational institution. The process may involve submitting necessary forms, fulfilling administrative requirements, and paying applicable fees.

Transitioning From Provisional To Official

The provisional degree certificate serves as a temporary document until the official degree certificate is processed and issued by the university or educational institution. Once the official degree certificate is available, individuals are required to replace the provisional certificate with the official one.


The provisional degree certificate serves as a crucial document in the academic and professional journey of individuals, enabling them to embark on their career paths while awaiting the official recognition of their academic accomplishments. It stands as a testament to their dedication and qualification, opening doors to employment opportunities and further educational pursuits, thereby marking the commencement of their professional odyssey.


What Is Difference Between Degree Certificate And Provisional Degree Certificate?

A degree certificate is the official permanent certificate you get after completing your college degree. A provisional certificate is a temporary copy. It is useful for proving that you have completed your degree until you receive the official copy.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Provisional Degree?

But institutions usually make the certificate available in three months while the degree gets issued in a year or two. If you are aiming to go for higher education or applying for a job, the concerned institution will require you to provide a provisional certificate to prove that you have completed a certain degree.

What Is The Cost Of Provisional Degree Certificate?

This depends on the university or college that is providing the provisional degree. Some institutions provide the certificate free of cost. Others may charge a fee in the range of ₹300 to ₹800 for generating your document.

Is Provisional Degree Certificate Enough For Uk Visa?

You must have completed any qualifications listed; UK Visas and Immigration will not accept provisional documents*. provisional certificate as the degree is complete and awarded’ you can provide an original provisional certificate as evidence of your academic qualification.

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