What Is Loss Of Share Certificate?

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Share certificates represent a tangible proof of ownership in a company. They are essential for shareholders to establish their legal and financial stake in a business. However, life can be unpredictable, and occasionally, these crucial documents can be lost or damaged. In this blog, we’ll explore what a loss of share certificate is, its implications, and the steps to address this challenging situation.

What Is Loss Of Share Certificate?

A loss of share certificate occurs when an individual shareholder is no longer in possession of their physical or electronic certificate that proves their ownership of shares in a company. This loss can happen due to various reasons, including misplacement, theft, natural disasters, or even accidental damage to the physical certificate.

Implications Of Losing Share Certificates

  1. Loss of Ownership Proof: The primary implication of losing a share certificate is the loss of evidence of ownership. Shareholders may find it difficult to prove their stake in the company without this document.
  2. Transfer Challenges: If a shareholder wishes to sell or transfer their shares, the absence of a share certificate may create complications in the transfer process. Buyers may be hesitant to proceed without proper documentation.
  3. Dividend and Voting Rights: The shareholder may lose their entitlement to dividends and the right to vote at shareholder meetings. Companies often require shareholders to present their share certificates to exercise these rights.
  4. Risk of Unauthorized Transfer: Share certificates are negotiable instruments, which means that anyone in possession of the certificate can potentially transfer the ownership of the shares. A lost certificate increases the risk of unauthorized transfer, which can lead to legal disputes.

Steps To Address The Loss Of Share Certificates

  1. Notify the Company: The first step is to inform the company in which you hold shares about the loss. They will guide you on the specific procedures to follow and might request you to fill out a “Lost Share Certificate Affidavit.”
  2. File an FIR: If the loss is due to theft, it’s essential to file a First Information Report (FIR) with the local police. This provides legal evidence of the loss and can be important for preventing unauthorized transfer.
  3. Publish a Newspaper Advertisement: Companies may require shareholders to publish a notice about the lost share certificate in a local newspaper. This helps in notifying the public about the loss and protecting the company’s interests.
  4. Obtain a Duplicate Certificate: After following the company’s prescribed procedures and providing the necessary documentation, you can obtain a duplicate share certificate. This document will serve as your new proof of ownership.
  5. Keep Records: Once you receive the duplicate certificate, make sure to store it securely and maintain detailed records of your shares and transactions for future reference.


The loss of a share certificate can be a challenging situation for any shareholder. It’s important to address it promptly by following the prescribed procedures of the company in which you hold shares. While the process of obtaining a duplicate certificate may involve some administrative hurdles, it’s a necessary step to safeguard your ownership rights and maintain your financial interests in the company. Shareholders should also consider digital alternatives, such as dematerialization, to minimize the risk associated with physical share certificates.


What Happens If Original Share Certificate Is Lost?

In case a shareholder has lost or misplaced their original share certificate or it has been stolen or damaged, the shareholder can request a duplicate share certificate from the company. The Companies Act, 2013 and the rules framed thereunder provide for the procedure for issuing duplicate share certificates.

What Is The Meaning Of Share Certificate?

A Share Certificate is a written, legal document that is issued and signed on behalf of a company that wants to indicate the owners of its issuing shares. Once a company issues share certificates, it becomes documented proof of a shareholder’s shareholding in the company.

What Is The Penalty For Share Certificate?

For Term Share Certificates with terms of 12 months or greater: the early withdrawal penalty will be the greater of 180 days of dividends at the respective certificate rate on the principal amount withdrawn or $150 (whichever is greater)

How Do I Write An Application For A Lost Share Certificate?

I/we have misplaced/lost the above referred share certificate(s). For issuance of duplicate share certificate(s) in lieu of the above, I am/we are enclosing herewith the following documents to enable you to issue the duplicate share certificate(s).

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