What Is Disclosed Quantity?

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What Is Disclosed Quantity

Are you curious to know what is disclosed quantity? You have come to the right place as I am going to tell you everything about disclosed quantity in a very simple explanation. Without further discussion let’s begin to know what is disclosed quantity?

In the world of financial markets and trading, there are various terms and concepts that traders and investors encounter. One such term is “Disclosed Quantity.” Disclosed Quantity refers to the specific number of shares or contracts that a trader chooses to reveal when placing an order. In this blog post, we will delve into the concept of Disclosed Quantity, its significance, and how it influences trading strategies and market dynamics.

What Is Disclosed Quantity?

Disclosed Quantity is a feature offered by some exchanges and trading platforms that allows traders to reveal only a portion of the total order size they wish to execute. When placing an order, traders have the option to disclose a specific quantity they want to make public, while keeping the remaining portion confidential. The disclosed quantity can be a fixed number or a percentage of the total order size.

Significance Of Disclosed Quantity

  1. Managing Market Impact: Disclosed Quantity plays a crucial role in managing market impact, especially for large orders. When traders execute significant trades, it can influence market sentiment and potentially lead to price fluctuations. By disclosing only a portion of the order, traders can minimize the immediate market impact, preventing sudden price movements that may work against their intended trading strategy.
  2. Balancing Liquidity and Transparency: Disclosing a quantity allows traders to balance the need for liquidity and market transparency. By revealing a specific quantity, traders provide some level of transparency to other market participants, allowing them to gauge the market depth and potential trading opportunities. At the same time, traders can maintain some confidentiality by keeping a portion of the order undisclosed.
  3. Preventing Front-Running: Front-running refers to the unethical practice of executing trades based on non-public information about pending orders. By disclosing a smaller quantity, traders can reduce the risk of being front-run, as the complete order size remains unknown to other market participants.
  4. Strategic Trading: Disclosed Quantity can be used strategically to gauge market interest and sentiment. By observing how the market reacts to the disclosed portion of the order, traders can gain insights into market liquidity, potential price movements, and the overall interest in a particular security or instrument.
  5. Avoiding Slippage: Slippage refers to the difference between the expected price of an order and the price at which it is actually executed. Large orders, if executed without proper care, can cause slippage and result in unfavorable execution prices. By disclosing a smaller quantity, traders can test the market and gauge the potential impact on execution prices before fully committing to the entire order size.
  6. Minimizing Market Manipulation: Disclosed Quantity aids in minimizing market manipulation by preventing large orders from being easily identified and exploited by manipulative traders. By keeping a portion of the order undisclosed, traders can maintain a degree of confidentiality, reducing the risk of adverse market manipulation.


Disclosed Quantity is a valuable tool for traders and investors in managing market impact, balancing liquidity and transparency, and implementing strategic trading strategies. It allows traders to disclose a specific quantity of their total order size while keeping the remaining portion confidential. By utilizing Disclosed Quantity effectively, traders can mitigate market impact, maintain confidentiality, and make informed decisions while executing trades. Understanding and leveraging this feature can contribute to more efficient and effective trading in the dynamic world of financial markets.


What Are Disclosed Quantity Orders?

‘Disclosed quantity’ order is a special type of order wherein only a part of the actual quantity that you want to buy/sell is displayed to the market. You need to specify the quantity to be disclosed for such an order.

What Is Trigger Price And Disclosed Quantity?

The disclosed quantity has to be a minimum 10% of the order size for Capital Market segment. Trigger Price (Stop Loss) -Trigger Price is the price at which you wish to trigger a particular order into the market. This field is also used to place Stop-loss order to limit your losses in the existing positions.

What Is The Disclosed Quantity In Nse?

For NSE/BSE Equity and NSE CDS orders, the minimum ‘Disclosed quantity’ is 10% of the actual order quantity. For MCX it is 25% of the actual order quantity. ‘Disclosed quantity’ cannot be more than the actual order quantity. ‘Disclosed quantity’ orders are not allowed in pre-open and post-market closing session.

What Is The Meaning Of Disc Quantity In Zerodha?

Disclosed quantity feature while placing equity orders allows only a part of the total order quantity to be disclosed to the market as shown in the marketdepth. Once a part of the order is executed, the next part is disclosed to the market.


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