What do our children need to study well?

Juliet D'cruz

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What do your children need to study well

Come now! How is it that to study they need to have around them an environment typical of the CEO of a multinational? To me all that “a suitable environment, direct light, if possible natural, a calm and quiet space, a table at least 70 cm deep” sounds like a mixture of a furniture store catalogue and a self-help magazine.

Let’s not fool ourselves: what our children need to study is to want to study or, failing that, to feel the weight of the obligation to study. If they have either of these two things or both combined, it will not matter to us whether they study on the best of desks or on the pole of a chicken coop. I have seen students get their doctorate in their long hours of commuting on public transport. A colleague of mine got his degree while he was working as a security guard at night, from sentry box to sentry box with a book in his hand. And I imagine that throughout history there will be more than a few geniuses who started up their brains in the light of a lamp with cold chilblains.

But what I am here to talk about today is not so much the physical space, which seems totally accessory to me, but rather the mental preparation. The first key in studying, as in everything else, is to make a habit because only habit makes virtue. To achieve this, there are no great secrets but the simple and constant reiteration of customs that end up anchoring that moment dedicated to homework in the mental schedule of our children.

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What is that moment?

It will depend on each house, but the norm is not to feel sorry for them. If we let ourselves be carried away by the “let him rest a little and then get on with the task”, it is most likely that when the “later” arrives -always too late- we will have as little desire as little time ahead. So maybe it’s better to consider a “the sooner you take it off, the more time you have to play”, which also offers a realistic and appetizing perspective that works as a carrot.

It is true that we subject children and adolescents to marathon days that sometimes not even adults would endure. It is true that this generation is so loaded with extracurricular activities that life does not give them more. But it is no less true that it has not been heard so far in any news that any child has died from doing homework. So we can rest easy.

Regarding the second key that I give, it is an idea that breaks with the schemes of the furniture store from the beginning: what if everyone studies their things but all in the same space? What if they see us studying at that time too? What do we study? From how to be better parents to a review of history for when they ask us. What if we managed to transform our kitchen, living room or living room into a true library? What if feeling that several people are trying hard at the same time, they get the encouragement they need? We use this system and, although sometimes you hear too many “ssssshhhh” asking for silence, the result is very positive.

The good light and all that is very good, but with habit and shared examples, the desire that is needed is achieved, 100% sure. Do not forget to take help from https://essay.org/

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