Utility Bidder For Your Business Electricity

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Introducing Utility Bidder, a new way of buying electricity directly from your local utility. With a team composed of a recent MIT graduate and a registered power engineer. Utility Bidder has been able to develop a way of getting cleaner energy for your business electricity, without the need for a whole lot of hassle.

Why Utility Bidder is Best For Your Company?

Choose Utility Bidder for competitive rates, easy online convenience, and the highest level of customer service. They also give you better business electricity rates for a hassle-free transaction. Here are more examples :

Save Money

Have you already decided on pricing for business electricity? Dare Utility Bidder to outbid him. In fact, we’re so sure that we can beat your original renewal quote.


All of the documentation will be completed for you by your own personal account manager. Assisting with the transition and setting up your new utility contract with your provider, Utility Bidder will take care of everything. When you work with us, your transfer will go smoothly and quickly.

Minute-by-minute comparison of power rates

Utility Bidder’s energy experts in the United Kingdom will find you the cheapest price in minutes, thanks to their extensive knowledge of the market. Exclusive access to business power pricing from a variety of major UK suppliers.

Utility Bidder’s Money Saving Tips

Utility Billing Solutions is the “go-to” company for all things utility billing. And one of their ongoing marketing strategies is to share these tips with the community to spread the word about the many ways utilities can save money.

Frequently Asked Questions

In what ways may I cut the price of my business’s electric bill?

Prioritize usage and energy spend to start saving money on your power costs. However, if you want to save money, you should also check your energy bills to see how much you’re paying for your unit rate and daily standing fee. Up to one year, before your contract expires, you may start comparing business power costs. As a starting point, we’ll utilize your existing rates.

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In what ways can I read different types of electric meters?

Three types of electric meters are often used in companies. These are the ones to look for:

Digital metering– Simply read from left to right when using digital metering. There will be two readings on your ECO 20:20 or Economy 7 meter, so make sure you take note of both.

Electronic meters – There are two main types of electronic meters: digital and analog. meters with a digital cycle display, where you have to click a button to view the numbers, and meters with numbers that are always visible. Use your prior bill or Utility Bidder to discover out what your daytime and nighttime prices are.

Dial meters – This sort of meter is read by turning the dial from left to right. Whenever a number is between two digits, always choose the lower number. If it’s between 9 and 0, take nine.

Are there any ways for me to find out when my contract is up?

You’ll see your contract’s expiration date on your statement, but if you’re having trouble locating it, we can assist. Experts in bill analysis, our energy brokers help you avoid paying inflated, out-of-contract electricity costs.

It’s possible to change your company’s contract with our brokers.

Can I switch electricity suppliers for my company?

At the end of your term, you have the option of changing your power provider. Make sure your contract has expired because your firm may have a variable-price structure. It’s a no-brainer that your variable rate is far greater than your contract rate.

There is a six-month gap for most power companies, but others are more generous and offer you a full year.


Utility Bidder can help you in different aspects of your life and business. From hassle-free transactions to saving money, and especially your business electricity. Utility Bidder vows to help you. 

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