Top 7 Best Acne Clearing Gel in India

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Top 7 Best Acne Clearing Gel in India

Acne is a nightmare for us, particularly before a special occasion. How often have we been really annoyed with the untimely breakout of pimples? The very presence of acne is disturbing not only because it upsets our style statement but also for hygiene issues. We have tried many clearing gels to bring an end to this nuisance. However, this is a concern that will persist to trouble you if not take proper skin care.

Recent studies have revealed that oily skin is prone to produce more acne than regular skin. Apart from that, your food habit, stress level, hormonal imbalance, environmental pollution, excess sebum, medication side effects are among other reasons that cause acne. Therefore, we are always amidst an endless quest for the best clearing gel which could eradicate the acne issue forever. Here is a list of the top 7 acne clearing gel that might help you.

List of Best Clearing Gel in India

There is always a huge demand for anti-pimple or acne removal gel and cream in India. It is therefore really handy to have a fair idea of the best products in the Indian market.

  1. Glyco 6 Cream

Glycolic acid is a chemical compound that is often referred to by dermatologists to lighten and smoothen skin. It also helps in reducing pigmentation and skin exfoliation. A Glyco 6 cream contains 6% glycolic acid. It takes very good care of your skin and reduces the chances of growing acne and pimples. The product is quite pocket-friendly and widely available.

  1. Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel Ph 5.5

Among the top clearing gel available in India, Sebamed clear face care gel Ph 5.5 is highly recommended. The product is suitable for all types of skin which makes the item even more popular. This clearing gel contains panthenol that heals acne lesions. The gel has properties to soothe irritated pimple skins by decreasing acne bacteria.

  1. Benzac-AC Gel

Benzac-AC gel is constituted of a high concentration of benzoyl peroxide. Therefore, sensitive skins tend to feel slightly irritated if the gel is applied regularly. However, the clearing gel is super effective and can cure acne-related issues within 48 hours of application. A scientific survey has brought forth that Benzac-AC gel can kill 94% of acne bacteria present on the skin. This is a water-based solution and is best suited for mild to moderate acne.

  1. Garnier Pure Active Pimple Relief Roll-On

Salicylic acid is best known for its acne healing qualities. Garnier pure active pimple relief roll-on contains 2% salicylic acid which helps bring cystic acne to an end. This eventually creates pus and then the release leaves a skin pit hole. The product is best for teenagers. One significant thing to know about this clearing gel is that excessive usage may lead to skin darkening. Therefore, apply the roll-on as per prescription.

  1. Clincitop Gel for Acne

Clindamycin helps acne-prone skins to reduce inflammation and pimple redness. Clincitop gel contains clindamycin that helps tone skin and gives it proper texture. If the clearing gel is used regularly for a few weeks, visible results are guaranteed.

  1. Himalaya Herbals Acne-n-Pimples Cream

Many of us are fond of herbal products. These products are 100% indigenous and work magic to mitigate acne issues. Herbal products are famous for fetching a permanent solution to acne and pimple related problems. The best part of all herbal products is that they are free of side effects. Himalaya acne-n-pimple is thus one of the most sought after clearing gels in India. You can use it on a daily basis. This cream is perfect for oily skins. If you are looking for herbal clearing gel, this is definitely the best item for you.

  1. Bella Vita Organic Anti-Acne Gel

Consisting of ingredients like aloe vera, neem, tea tree oil and basil, this is one of the best clearing gels you will find in the Indian market. The product is affordable and very much pocket-friendly. Suitable for all types of skin, this gel works wonders on active acne heads and old acne marks on the skin. The gel contains no oil, therefore it does not make your face greasy immediately after use. Men and women both can use this product.

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AHA BHA Acne Clearing Gel from Bodywise

We have discussed the best products and their ingredients. Now, what if I tell you that Bodywise brings you AHA BHA acne clearing gel which is scientifically synthesized using the best ingredients from the list above. This gel exfoliates dead skin cells, minimizes pores and reduces the possibilities of acne scarring. You can use this gel easily. Simply wash your face with Bodywise’s Oil Control Foaming Wash, apply 0.5 ml of the gel to the affected area twice a day (after your face is dry) and then on the next morning apply Bodywise Niacinamide Serum for the best result.

This is certainly the best clearing gel at present in the Indian market, which is developed by the finest dermatologists and is completely cruelty-free. Choose Bodywise AHA BHA Acne Clearing Gel today to get rid of stubborn acne and pimples. Wish you all the best in advance!

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