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Today we are talking about Hollywood and some of our favourite celebrities. Many people dream of living that Hollywood lifestyle, you know, the glitz and glamour of it all, and of course the hefty pay cheques. But there’s some celebrities who would straight up recommend to those dreamers that Hollywood isn’t a place you want to be. Let’s find out who some of these celebs are with today’s list of Top 10 Celebrities Who Hate Hollywood.

List of Top 10 Celebrities Who Hate Hollywood

  1. Justin Bieber

Over the last few years we’ve watched the popstar cancel his tour and walk away from his music career. Not only that, but he’s also walked away from Hollywood as a whole. In September 2018 he announced that he was settling and living full time in Ontario Canada with his new wife Hailey Baldwin. Sources say that he felt that living in his home country was the right thing to do at this point in this life. He doesn’t feel the pressures of Hollywood and has the chance to actually have some privacy. He discussed his struggles of being in the spotlight during an NME interview saying: I’m struggling just to get through the day. You get lonely, you know, when you’re on the road. People see the glam and the amazing stuff, but they don’t know the other side. This life can rip you apart. He went into more detail explaining the isolation of camping out in hotel rooms trying to avoid fans and paparazzi. Since moving to Canada he has been able to focus on his mental health which he says Hollywood destroyed.

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  1. Lady Gaga

The star comes across confident as hell but she has opened up about her struggles with fame and the pain Hollywood can cause. She revealed a lot of emotions with CBS Sunday Morning and said: as soon as I go out into the world, I belong, in a way, to everyone else. It’s legal to follow me, it’s legal to stalk me at the beach, I can’t call the police or ask them to leave. She got teary-eyed speaking on the subject and said that she has no freedom in her everyday life but has freedom in her heart which comes out through her music. One thing she hates the most is how everyone recognizes her in public because it has completely transformed her interactions with people.

She says: I miss people. I miss, you know, going anywhere and meeting a random person and saying hi and having a conversation about life. I love people. I mean what an eye opener that is, damn. We can literally say hi to anyone we see on the streets and she will literally NEVER be able to do that without being recognized as Lady Gaga.

  1. Sia Furler

It’s no surprise that Sia Furler is in Hollywood but really doesn’t want to be. She wants to share her music with the world but not her private life; not even her face. She’s the first celebrity to cover her face at all times, during interviews, red carpets, performances, everything. For years, very few people had actually seen her without her wig covering her face. At first the world just thought it was part of her act, part of her character as an artist. But she’s been open about her reasoning and says it has everything to do with hating fame.

During an interview she said: If anyone besides famous people knew what it was like to be a famous person, they would never want to be famous. I don’t want to be famous, or recognizable. I don’t want to be critiqued about the way that I look on the internet. I’ve been writing pop songs for pop stars now for a couple of years and I’ve become friends with them and see what their life is like and that’s not something I want. She was very successful at hiding her image and loved that she was able to go out and do simple things like grocery shopping. No one would even know its Sia because no fans or media sources actually knew what she looked like. Since then she has showed up to a few events without a wig but still maintains a low profile.

  1. Katy Perry

Another star who wants success in Hollywood just without the fame. She loves creating music but is over the whole famous thing apparently. One thing the singer has strived to do is show her that her life in Hollywood comes with a heavy price and sometimes people don’t want to pay for it anymore, if ya know what I mean. This is why she had a movie created a full-length film called Part of Me, which documented her entire concert tour back in 2012.

She wanted people to see what its really like to be a pop star, the good, the bad, all the behind the scenes that goes into putting on those kinds of shows. When asked about her thoughts on fame she said: I’m tired of being famous already. But I’m not tired of creating. Fame is, I think, just a disgusting by-product of what I do. She continues to try and show her fans that she is relatable and isn’t what people think all Hollywood stars are.

  1. Billie Eilish.

She is currently the worlds biggest 17 year old when it comes to stardom. The moody singer-songwriter has a reputation for making unique music videos that always go viral. She first made her name known in the music scene when she came out with the surprise hit Ocean Eyes back in 2016. And even though she is one of the world’s biggest pop stars, she goes against the typical pop star image you would see. She is fan of her passion for the art but she’s not a fan of the fame that comes with it. She beats the norm when it comes to Hollywood standards and she has no problem sharing her thoughts about it.

During an interview she said: fame is horrible. It’s worth it because it lets me play shows and meet people, but fame itself is dreadful. In another interview she was asked what it was like taking on Hollywood at such a young age and she replied with: there is no training, there’s no like, let me go to a school that’s going to teach me how to be famous. Also, that would suck. That would be trash school, famous people suck. Fame is trash. Damn Billie- tell us how you really feel?!

  1. Amy Schumer.

The comedian hates Hollywood so much she made a whole episode about the downfalls of fame. In one of her stand up sketches she joked about how being famous isn’t fun and that she’s going to pull a Justin Bieber and stop taking pictures with fans. This wasn’t for no reason though, this was after a man harassed her while asking for a photo. She also went off about what it was really like to go to the Met Gala that a lot of people dream of being invited to.

During an interview on the Howard Stern Show, she confessed that going to the gala, I quote: felt like punishment. When asked about the dresses she said (you’re going to need to beep this out): She explained that it feels like people doing an impressing of having a conversation and that it was all very farce. Schumer even admitted to leaving the event early, she said: I left, not the second I could; I left earlier than I should have been allowed. I got to meet Beyonce and she was like: is this your first Gala? And I was like: it’s my last. I don’t think she’ll be getting another invite next year.

  1. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

I know they are two people but there’s no way I’m giving these twins 2 different spots. They are a 2 for 1 package deal. Their fame skyrocketed in the 1990s and 2000s with their first role on the hit tv series: Full House, which they were on from the time they were infants. As the twins continued to grow their empire, becoming the youngest billionaires at one point in time, it was clear that they wanted to leave that Hollywood limelight. They both left their acting careers and more recently declined to be a part of the Full House reboot. Ashley admitted that she feels uncomfortable with acting now and Mary Kate claimed it was awful timing for her. The two of them have been vocal on how they hate the attention they get and they do everything they can to not be in the spotlight. During an interview with Vogue they explained that they have chosen to stay off social media all these years.

Mary-Kate said: we’ve spent our whole lives trying to not let people have that accessibility. It’s their way of avoiding all the things they dislike about Hollywood, and it seems to be working pretty well for them.

  1. Selena Gomez

Fans were shocked when she decided to cancel part of her Revival World Tour and enter treatment for depression and anxiety. She opened up to Vogue about why she checked herself into a facility in Tennessee. She said: tours are a really lonely place for me. My self-esteem was shot. I was depressed, anxious. Basically I felt I wasn’t good enough, wasn’t capable. It’s hard to believe she would feel lonely when she’s surrounded by millions of fans who adore her, but she said there’s social anxiety that comes with that. Along with fame and Hollywood comes social media, to which she has been named the most popular celebrity on Instagram, having a current total of 152 million followers.

It’s one part of Hollywood she has a love-hate relationship with. She blames social media for her struggles with image and mental health, but also loves the platform it gives to connect with her fans. It seems like people in Hollywood are a lot lonelier than we think. I always thought like how can you be lonely when there are people around? But it just goes to show that it roots a lot deeper than just having people physically around you.

  1. Gigi Hadid

The 23 year old is one of the biggest models on the planet but she admits that fame hasn’t been the easiest thing to take on. A few months ago in April of 2019, she spoke to Variety about her career and discussed how she’s dealt with Hollywood and living life in the spotlight. She got emotional while speaking about it and said, I quote: at times, fame makes you feel out of control of your life. I think it’s tough. Obviously people judge you. People can create a headline or an opinion about someone based on a small moment or a mistake.

Back in 2017 she also spoke with Harper’s Bazaar where she revealed her time in Hollywood has had a huge impact on her circle of friends. She said a lot of things in friends come out when someone gets famous and that she’s lost a lot of friends because of it. She did admit that in some way it’s a good thing because you find out who your real friends are but that fame plays an effect on every aspect of your life. When talking about her passion for modeling she admits that she always knew she wanted to support herself and have the creative freedom she has now to shape her own life. It seems like she is grateful for that aspect but wishes things could be a little bit easier.

  1. Vanessa Hudgens

Her career began and took off with Disney and she’s fully admitted the struggles she faced to shed that innocent Disney image you get held above your head. Luckily, she’s been able to continue an acting career and a successful one at that. Not only did she hate the judgment she faced when moving on from Disney, but she also hates fame in general. During an interview she said: I don’t like the word fame. Some people like the idea of fame; I don’t like the idea of fame. I like being an actress. It’s different. She often tries to express the difference between wanting to be an actor and wanting to be famous.

She says that people often link them together since fame naturally comes when you’re a Hollywood actor. But she once told Daily Telegraph: I became an actress and started singing and dancing because I truly loved it. I did not want to be a celebrity; I think fame is just something that comes along when you are in something that is such a success. Like other stars on our list, she hates media and paparazzi and the fact that everyone tries to get in your business. She said it becomes crippling.

Alright, there you have it. Tell me in the comments what you guys think about todays list and hit that thumbs up button so that I know you liked it.

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