Telugu Movies Hits and Flops 2021 at Box Office

No doubt..! 2021 is a big year for Telugu Cinema. This year was already take off with Blockbuster movies like Krack, RED, Jathi Ratnalu, Uppena and Naandhi. Jathi Ratnalu is the biggest opener in Telugu in the year 2021. Also, there are many awaited movies coming in Summer 2021. So, the main focus of Telugu audiences is on summer 2021 films.

telugu movies hits and flops 2021

Telugu Movies Hits and Flops 2021 at Box Office – Latest Tollywood Movies Verdict

Movie Name Box Office Collection Hit or Flop?
Ek Mini Katha Rs.
RGV Deyyam Rs.1 Cr – Flop
Vakeel Saab Rs.90 Cr + Clean Hit
Wild Dog Rs.15 Cr + Clean Hit
Sulthan Rs.35 Cr + Super Hit
Chaavu Kaburu Challaga Rs.4 Cr + Flop
A1 Express Rs.5 Cr + Clean Hit
Mosagallu Rs.2.5 Cr + Flop
Sashi Flop
Rang De Rs.13 Cr+ Flop
Aranya Rs.4 Cr+ Flop
Thellavarithe Guruvaram Flop
Sreekaram Rs.08 Cr+ Flop
Jathi Ratnalu Rs.45 Cr+ Blockbuster
Gaali Sampath Flop
Roberrt (Telugu Dub) Clean Hit (Considering Telugu & Kannada)
Krack Rs.38 Crore + Super Hit
Master Rs.135 Crore + Blockbuster
RED Rs.25 Crore + Super Hit
Alludu Adhurs Rs.08 Crore Flop
Cycle Flop
Bangaru Bullodu Rs.03 Crore Flop
30 Rojullo Preminchadam Ela Rs.08 Crore Super Hit
Zombie Reddy Rs.15 Crore + Clean Hit
Uppena Rs.45 Crore + Blockbuster
Naandhi Rs.8 Crore + Super Hit
Pogaru Rs.23 Crore + Flop
Chakra Rs.10 Crore + Flop
Kapatadhaari Rs.2 Crore + Flop
Check Rs.11 Crore + Flop
Akshara Flop
Kshana Kshanam Flop
70 MM Flop
April 28 Em Jarigindi Flop
Balamitra Flop
Lawyer Viswanath Flop

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