Surrogate mothers- Bound to follow the rules and regulations set by the clinic where they work

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Surrogate mothers- Bound to follow the rules and regulations set by the clinic where they work

Surrogate mothers these days are quite in demand. It is because many celebrities even opt for surrogacy because of so many reasons. Moreover, surrogacy started in Ukraine, and the first-ever surrogacy process took place in Ukraine. That is why Ukraine has been declared the hub of surrogacy.

Surrogacy is surely a real breakthrough process that has helped many childless couples become parents to listen to the first laughter of their genetically owned child. Furthermore, surrogacy is different in every country and not to mention its price too.

Rules for surrogate mothers

Surrogate mothers in Ukraine undergo strict scanning as every woman cannot become a surrogate. It is a huge responsibility, and one has to be very determined to become one. If a surrogate is a married woman, she should have signed the contract with the consent of her spouse. Moreover, surrogates have a strict clean eating plan as they cannot consume drugs or alcohol. It can have adverse effects on the child. Also, surrogacy in Ukraine must live in a clean and fresh environment, just like in other developed countries. This means Ukraine is no less than setting strict rules for surrogates. Due to this reason, people from European countries choose Ukraine for surrogacy.

Surrogate mothers in feskov reproductive clinic

There are many surrogate mothers in the Feskov reproductive clinic. However, there are several packages, and you can choose one per your desires. Besides, these packages have different costs associated with them, and you can choose one. There are standard and luxury packages, and you can select one per your budget. One package also allows you to choose a surrogate by watching the photo of the surrogate. The feskov leihmütter are highly appreciated for the services they provide at affordable rates.

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Relationship with the surrogate

Also, it depends on the couple if they want to maintain a close relationship with the surrogate or not. Some couples remain close to the surrogate throughout the pregnancy and even after that.

However, some people do not like to remain in touch with the surrogate and hence do not even know who the surrogate is. Also, those who remain in touch with the surrogate send pictures of the child after the baby is born and remain in contact forever. It entirely depends on the couple and their perception.


Surrogate mothers are also a blessing for those who want to have a biological child. It is because of the surrogate mothers who carry a child for nine-month and then hand over the newborn to the new parents. Moreover, different celebrities even opt for surrogacy because of their busy schedule or other personal reasons.

Some couples maintain a close relationship with the surrogate, while others do not feel like maintaining one. It depends on the couple. Some couples eagerly choose the surrogate mother independently, while some do not want to know the surrogate and are only concerned with the process.

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