Selecting Non-Tarnishing And Budget-Friendly Wedding Bands For Men 

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Selecting Non-Tarnishing And Budget-Friendly Wedding Bands For Men 

When buying men’s wedding bands, you want a material that lasts a lifetime.  Apart from this, the wedding band needs to look good as well. To begin with what should you pick when choosing the material for the band? Wearing the ring every day may mean all kinds of exposure to liquids, solvents, sharp objects, and chemicals. However, you need to protect the wedding band for tarnishing or rusting. 

Rust shows when iron and oxygen combine in the presence of moisture. But when it comes to wedding bands, it is typically referred to as corrosion but it can damage the metal excessively. The other kind of corrosion that may show up on men’s wedding bands is tarnish. Although a tarnished metal is not damaged from inside, it rob the glory of the wedding band to a great extent. Checking the tarnish-resistance potential of the metal is essential when you buy wedding bands for men.

What are the metals to choose for men’s wedding bands when you want to prevent tarnishing and corrosion?

  • Platinum

It is among the most precious and a pricey material to get for men’s wedding bands known for luster and durability. Moreover, the platinum wedding bands are also highly prestigious among the options available for men’s wedding bands. Due to its inertness towards oxygen, moisture, or air exposure, the material can retain and maintain its color and luster.

  • Titanium

Among the least expensive materials for men’s wedding bands, titanium is a good option to choose. The highly durable and sturdy metal is applicable for different industrial purposes. The good thing about titanium is that it can resist tarnishing and rusting. Another reason to buy titanium wedding bands for men is its affordability. So, if you look forward to buying wedding bands that fit your budget and does not tarnish, titanium is one of the best options to choose. For men leading active lifestyles, tungsten is one of the materials that do not tarnish. As it does not tarnish, men can happily sport titanium rings everyday to work.

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  • Tungsten

Tungsten is a glossy and gray material and tungsten carbide is the alloy used for making jewelry. One of the reasons to buy tungsten carbide bands is that it is denser than titanium or steel. No wonder the material has grown in popularity during the recent years. It is among the wedding bands that stay polished and can resist fading and scratching. For a combination of affordability and durability, tungsten carbide is the best bet. 

  • Stainless steel

Stainless steel is not one of those materials that find access in the kitchen only, it is one of the best choices for men’s wedding bands as they do not tarnish or discolor. So, if you are in for a comfortable and affordable material when choosing men’s wedding bands, going for stainless steel is a good choice.

  • Cobalt

Finally, if you can push your budget up a bit higher, cobalt is the material to choose. Not only is it a hypoallergenic material but does not tarnish, making it an excellent choice for men’s wedding bands. 

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