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Developmental teams make the core of any working company or organization, as such maximizing the efficiency of such teams is crucial as it can often provide an edge over other competitors leading to better resource management over time. 

With skilled individuals having high productivity being both rare, in demand, and expensive, it is no wonder that companies try to get the most out of them. The Scrum framework was initially proposed in 1986 to increase speed and flexibility across the printing, automotive, and photocopier industries. The Scrum framework has seen much change over the years and is now a market leader among the frameworks that strive to develop and sustain products in a complex environment.

What is PSM™ II

PSM™ II or PSM™ 2 stands for Professional Scrum Master ™ and is the second level out of the three PSM™ levels. Study shows that out of the 160,000+ PSM™ 1 certificate holders less than 1% opt for the PSM™ 2 certification, which makes it a good choice for someone looking to set themselves apart from the crowd or give themselves a competitive edge over other professional scrum masters™.

Unlike PSM™ 1 certification, PSM™ 2 aspirants don’t just need to demonstrate a fundamental level of Scrum mastery but also the ability to apply the framework in real-world events. It is for individuals with a deeper understanding of Scrum frameworks along with some amount of real-life work experience or exposure.

A PSM™ 2 certification course will teach you about maximizing value, scaling fundamentals, and other real-world skills that weren’t a part of the PSM™ 1 certification course.

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Who is eligible for PSM™ II

PSM™ 2 is the second level of the 3 level certifications that make you a professional Scrum master. While it’s an intermediate-level certification it is only open for people already holding a PSM™ 1 certificate.

The PSM™ 1 certification itself has no particular requirements and people from all academic backgrounds can opt for it.

PSM™ II Test

The PSM™ 2 certification test is of intermediate difficulty and consists of multiple-choice answers and true/false type questions. The candidates will need to answer a total of 80 questions within 60 minutes. Upon scoring a minimum of 85% (68 correct answers) a candidate is considered to pass and qualified to get the PSM™ 2 certification. In case the candidate fails to score the minimum qualifying marks, they can opt for a second attempt at no cost within 14 days of receiving the email and password.

The exam is conducted online by and can be given from anywhere (following examination guidelines)

Who should opt for PSM™

The PSM™ 2 is only for individuals who have previously cleared the PSM™ 1 exam. While the PSM™ 1 certification exam has no particular prerequisites and is open to practically everyone, it is best suited for people looking for a career in an industry that relies on the Scrum framework.

Even though it’s most popular among developers in the IT industry, the demand for a skilled PSM™ is booming across multiple industries including finance, government, healthcare, entertainment, and more.


The PSM™ 2 certification is a big step for any aspiring Scrum master. While not a pre-requisite to becoming a Scrum master, the PSM™ 2 certification sure gives you an edge over the competition.

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