Make The Bed Well To Sleep Better

Juliet D'cruz

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Make The Bed Well To Sleep Better

There are people who don’t usually make the bed in the morning. And it is that sometimes doing it can be something heavy. However, did you know that a well-made bed positively influences your rest? Keep reading and do not miss our recommendations.

How to make the bed?

Today we give you the essential tips so that your bed is perfect every morning. In this way, you protect it from dust, from possible mites that can affect your health and, in addition, ensure optimal rest.

Take care of your bedding

Bedding is very important for your comfort:

  1. Adjust your bedding sheet, If your bottom sheet is adjustable , you will prevent it from shifting during the night and that wrinkles or direct contact with the mattress can disturb your sleep.
  2. The weight of the quilt, duvet or duvet cover could also cause incomplete rest. This factor is very personal, since some people prefer bedding to have weight and cover them, while others prefer bedding as light as possible with the natural bamboo sheets.
  3. Use light colors for your bedding, especially for the top and bottom sheet. These colors inspire harmony and relaxation, the perfect combination to sleep soundly!
  4. Before making the bed, we advise you to iron your bedding, We know that it is a complicated task, especially when they are large. However, the feeling of getting into bed with freshly ironed linen is unique! And, as we explained in our post , how does your mood affect your rest? , the experiences and positive feelings before going to sleep, are decisive for your rest.
  5. Choose the breathable mattress protector, A mattress protector helps to keep the mattress clean and free of dust and dirt, and it can also provide an extra layer of padding for added comfort. When it comes to finding the perfect bedding, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. 

But, what compelling reasons are there for you to want to incorporate the task of “ making the bed ” into your daily routine without thinking twice?

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What are the benefits of making the bed?

  • Your room will be tidier: That’s right! If your bed is made unconsciously, you will see everything more organized and want everything to be in its place.
  • Improve your self-discipline – When you wake up in a low mood, the last thing you want to do is make your bed. However, if you complete the task, your body and mind will make an effort that will help develop your self-discipline. Surely after doing it, you will feel more satisfied!
  • Improve your level of rest: The most important thing about making the bed well is that it influences your rest. And this benefit is a consequence of the previous ones. Order and mood directly influence your rest. Seeing the perfect bed, the neat room, and nothing out of place makes you feel at peace and harmony, with yourself and with others, and therefore you can fall asleep faster and have a quality sleep.  

After knowing that making the bed well benefits your rest, surely you will never leave home with your bed unmade again. Follow these practical tips and… sweet dreams!

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