How To Make Your Customer Service Effective In The Digital Age

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How To Make Your Customer Service Effective In The Digital Age

Customer service is a crucial piece of a brand’s success. According to research, 70% of a customer’s buying experience correlates to the customer’s service experience and 49% of customers stop buying from a brand due to poor customer service. Brands that can adapt to the technological advancements in the customer service field have a proven chance of long-term success.

The advent of emerging technologies has forever changed customer service. Traditional methods of telephone assistance, letters, and face-to-face interaction can no longer cater to the challenges of changing needs of today’s business world. With ever-increasing competition among businesses to gain customer loyalty, the need for value-driven services to customers risen sharply. This is where companies that have access to value-driven information using retail automation technology across multiple touchpoints stand out from the rest.

E-commerce, chatbots, AI, and omni-channels are technologies that are essential for achieving that goal. Customer service is being reshaped by these technological advancements, which have disrupted traditional communication channels rapidly. Increasing automation is helping companies and businesses of all sizes to optimize the customer experience using mobile devices to the most sophisticated intelligent machines.

New technologies empower organizations to be more responsive in real-time than ever before. Marketing and sales automation, complex search algorithms, and bots allow businesses to cater to a world of customer service that demands a hyper-responsive environment.

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A balanced approach to customer service goes a long way in the digital age, and that includes:

  • A comprehensive resource library – You can create a ready library of resources and frequently asked questions that customers can access at any given point of time when they are looking for answers to basic queries about your organization or the services you provide. Quick and concise tips, case studies, instructional videos are effective customer service tools. Whether a customer wants quick answers or wants to dig deep, this is a convenient and resourceful self-directed experience. It also builds your brand image in the minds of your customers.
  • Chatbots – Chatbots are a great way to take advantage of technological advances as a solution to addressing your customer’s more complex questions. They ensure access to your team without having to undertake a phone call conversation. Providing customers access to remote customer service representatives through chatbots ensure that customers are satisfactorily answered.
  • Remote Customer Service Representatives – When the above two approaches fail to satisfy your customers, the only proven method to address their issues is by providing them access to real people who are well versed with your business. They will help resolve customer issues and deal with them in a human approach.

Let’s talk about some of the key factors that can make your customer service in the digital age more effective.

  • Always keep the customer in the loop

Anticipating the needs of your customers and providing them with every little detail they want helps the customer build a satisfying relationship with you. Technology plays a key role in helping you achieve this goal by providing real-time shipping and delivery updates, shipment tracking, and information about products and offers.

  • Customer Relationship Management technology

Customer Relationship Management software capture data related to customers at all relevant touchpoints in the customer life cycle. Data in the form of contact information, purchase history, demographics, and communication exchanges can prove to be a great asset for Artificial Intelligence and Customer Relationship Management programs to analyze and enhance customer experience. This data is invaluable and indispensable when you are trying to build a positive brand image. Most companies nowadays use CRM to streamline their business operations. In the fitness industry for example, CRMs are customized for gyms and fitness centers as gym software to help manage the entire sales process from cold leads to active customers.

  • Marketing automation

Using technology to streamline and automate business processes to improve efficiency and keep costs low, boosts the effectiveness of customer service operations. It can help you map, document, and analyze customer service processes to identify gaps. You can use technology to create additional value by automating and re-engineering your current processes.

  • Workforce effectiveness

Technology helps empower your staff to embrace new ways of improving customer engagement by providing tools and training to deliver better service.

Automated customer service coupled with changing customer experiences is rapidly reshaping the customer service landscape’s indicators for success. Communication via omnichannel, social media, and touchpoints are shifting paradigms toward advanced digitization. Gone are the days when automation software usage was limited to low-level inquiries. They are now performing high-functioning activities in business functions such as customer service.

These technological advancements in customer service models using remote customer service representatives, chatbots, artificial intelligence are providing customers with numerous options to communicate and engage with your organization across the customer life cycle. They offer improvements in efficiency while improving the quality of service you provide your customers.

While using many different technologies to improve customer service is effective, it is important to ensure that the technology and the service partner you use align with your overall customer service strategy. 

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