How to achieve academic success: steps to follow 

We all study to achieve high academic performance for developing a well and stable future for ourselves. Following the right practices and learning, habits are necessary to accomplish the academic goals and objectives of the students. Many learners struggle to score the best scores and ranks in their respective courses. Educators also face difficulty in making students perform well in the subject knowledge they are delivering. Let us discuss the techniques that will help teachers and learners both can implement to enhance academic accomplishments. 

Tips for teachers to improve student academic performance

Teachers play a very important role in the effective completion of the education of the students. Let us discuss the techniques that teachers must follow for improvement in this regard. 

  1. Set higher expectations: if the teachers want students to perform well in the academic subject they are teaching, then setting higher expectations from them is important. When teachers expect something from their learners, students tend to study hard and perform well. Many students, even those having the capabilities, don’t show much interest in scoring. Also, some are unaware of the skills and learning abilities they have. Every teacher must push the students to study effectively and meet the set goals. Be clear with them and instruct that all should score good grades. This will surely boost their confidence level to achieve academic goals. 
  2. Listen to their queries: listening to the problems, study doubts, and queries of the students is very important. Remedial teaching should be practiced by every teacher to ensure the high academic performance of the students. Develop a bond and understanding with the students, where they can share their problems without any fear and hesitation. Counselor teachers of the educational institutions can listen to the personal issues of the students and can guide them on the same. The subject teachers should practice online teaching which means helping learners to overcome their weaknesses, distortions, and difficulties in learning. 

For example, we all know maths is a difficult subject for many students. They face a difficult time studying it. What teachers can do regarding this is provide multiple tricky maths puzzles with answers worksheets to the students so that they practice more. Also, conducting special doubt classes for this is very beneficial for students. All these are remedial and extra measures that teachers can take to help students study well and achieve higher academic scores and performance. 

  1. Give feedback: Every teacher wants his or her students to study actively and give their best in academics. When students perform well, teachers are also appreciated for the quality education they deliver. To ensure this, giving feedback to the students is important. Teachers must collect and review the student’s assignments, projects, daily activities, exam sheets, and everyday class interactions and answers. This will help students to understand how much they know and what more needs to be done. Feedbacks and suggestions should be constant and consistent. Teachers should assess the class performance of the students daily which will prepare them for the final exams. 
  2. Conduct regular tests: conducting regular tests will help teachers to assess the knowledge of the students. Also by giving tests regularly, ensures that students are learning day-to-day. Studying every day is very important to score well in academics. Tests should include the necessary topics that students must cover from the exam point of view. Also, check the answer sheets and provide timely scores and feedback to the students. This will give enough time to learners for improvisation and betterment. 

What students should do? 

  • Attend your classes regularly 

Attending classes with regularity is very important. Listening to the teachers and their explanations is highly required to hold proper understanding and knowledge of the learning subjects. Through self-study is also necessary, without being a part of your classes effective academic performance can’t be achieved. Listening to the teachers, being a part of different activities, interacting with peers, resolving your doubts, all can be done by attending classes regularly. 

  • Consult the teachers 

If students are facing any difficulty in their academics they must discuss and consult regarding it with the teachers. Teachers are there to help the students resolve the issues. If a teacher allows the learners to ask their queries in between the lectures it is well and good but in case this is not allowed, students must wait till the lecture gets over to ask his or her questions. Many students face problems in application subjects, especially mathematics. You can ask and discuss maths questions and answers with your teachers and also your classmates and peer group. 

  • Revise and practice 

If students want to achieve academic success, practice and revisions are the keys to it. Learning for a single time is never sufficient for effective performance. After learning a particular topic, students must revise it multiple times. As we know practice makes a man perfect, therefore practicing the sums and solving problems is also very helpful. Revisions and learning repetitions strengthen your knowledge as well as you can learn and remember the information for a longer period. 


The above-mentioned information will surely help learners to improve their studies and achieve high academic performance. Also, we discussed the practices which teachers can adapt and practice in their teaching patterns to enhance the academic success of the students. Following these tips will make students more engaged and involved with learning which will automatically boost their academic scores and ranks.