How is Online Learning Redefining the Role of Teachers?

Juliet D'cruz

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The teaching profession is the core of the future of India. It is all about inspiring and encouraging students to work to the best of their potential.

 We always remember the teacher that inspires us, and it turns out life-changing events for us. They play a crucial part in building a nation’s future.The traditional learning environment is different from online teaching. Here we are mentioning the different roles of educators in online classes.

Give Genuine Feedback as True Instructor

Feedback is really crucial while you teach online. It is necessary to give genuine feedback to your students so that they can improve their learning mistakes. It doesn’t help only in enhancing academic performance but also encourages the overall development of students.

If online educator gives proper feedback, students can analyze their weak points and identify their strength too. It helps the students to know their inner talent.

Learn Together

It is well said that you need to be the learner first to be a good teacher. It is necessary to cause the advancement of technology that is introducing new changes. They can learn and explore different ways to teach students in the virtual classroom. You must connect with your students and participate in their ongoing discussions. It helps students to have a better understanding of theory. Making learning a fun and easy process motivates students to participate actively in classes and during assignments. It helps to build a solid online community between students and teachers.

Encourage and Motivate Your students

There is no secret that online learning requires more attention. To make the session more interactive, it is necessary to motivate the students throughout the session. Online learning is fun, and it provides flexibility to students while attending their classes. The proper dose of motivation and encouragement will help students to get engaged with the session. Online teachers need to encourage individual learners with some motivational words.

The critical point that needs to keep in mind during online learning is the feedback you give remains constructive. Kids are tender with heart, and they don’t take criticism if it is not given appropriately. Educators must promote a positive classroom environment with constructive feedback and criticism wherever required.

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Suggest different ways that help students in improving their weak areas. Don’t let negativity surround your kid. At the time, you need to be a cheerleader for your students. Listen there problems and come with a real solution. Help your kids to move away from all the fears and worries they are going through.

Be a Role Model for Your Students

Teachers had to play different roles at times to help students in their learning journey. Being a role model is one of the crucial roles that need to be played by online teachers. Many students and kids see their teacher as a role model. The teacher is the backbone and support system of kids. It helps students to boost their confidence and encourage them to maintain a positive mindset in any situation. You can be the only light that helps students come on the right path and put their interests back in the right direction. It also enables teachers to enhance their mentoring ability.

Bridge students Teachers Gap with Communication

Communication plays an essential role in bridging the gap between students and teachers. It makes the online session more interactive and engaging for kids. Most orientation program of online courses gives you a brief idea of how to engage with the teacher during online classes effectively. The information must get shared appropriately so that none of the students feel isolated. It helps in building an online community with your students easily. 

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