Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 Contestants List


Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 Contestants List: Bigg Boss is one of the favorite TV shows for Kannada audience. The TRP of the show itself tells how much this reality show is popular in Karnataka State. This year eighth season will be hosted by Kannada Super Star Kichcha Sudeep. More than 17 contestants taking part in this show including the wild card entry, they will be playing the game to retain in House for 100 Days. Let us see who is going to retain in the house till the last day among these 17 contestants.

bigg boss kannada season 8 contestants list

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 Contestants List

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 will comprise of seventeen housemates, most of them are celebrities and ntable actors and personalities in various fields. With the success of Bigg Boss in other South Indian languages, Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 aims to adapt some minor changes to keep the audience engaged more

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Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 Contestants List

The list of 17 Bigg Boss 4 Kannada contestants are as follows.

  1. Dhanushree
  2. Shubha Poonja
  3. Shankar Ashwath
  4. Vishwanath Haveri
  5. Vaishnavi Gowda
  6. KP Aravind
  7. Nidhi Subbaiah
  8. Shamanth
  9. Geetha Bharathi Bhat
  10. Manju Pavagada
  11. Divya Suresh
  12. Chandrakala Mohan
  13. Raghu Gowda
  14. Prashanth Sambargi
  15. Divya Uruduga
  16. Rajeev
  17. Nirmala Chanappa

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 Contestants

Also, Check out their portfolios in detail.

#1 Dhanushree

Dhanushree was a Kannada TikTok sensation and popular among Karnataka Social Media and Tik Tok Groups.

#2 Shubha Poonja

Shubha Poonja is an actress and model works in Sandalwood. With Moggina Manasu Kannada movie she came into limelight. Before entering modelling, she appeared in various television shows and advertisements.

#3 Shankar Ashwath

Being a son of K. S. Ashwath, Shankar Ashwath never relied on others for acting opportunities. He is currently working as a cab driver. He is happy that Big Boss Kannada providing the platform to showcase his talents ans skills in the house.

#4 Vishwanath Haveri

The yougest contestant among all is Vishwanath Haveri, He is basically a Singer and aims to become a successful playback singer in India.

#5 Vaishnavi Gowda

Agnisakshi kannada serial actress Vaishnavi Gowda is already more popular among the TV audience. She is one of the most promising contestants in the list.

#6 KP Aravind

Indian off-road motorcycle racer KP Aravind has done several television commercials as a stunt double for big celebrities. He owns fans and followers especially among the youth.

#7 Nidhi Subbaiah

Nidhi Subbaiah is known to Kannada audience with many popular Kannada films, including Pancharangi and Krishnan Marriage Story.

#8 Shamanth

Shamanth is a writer, director and actor. Virgin Boys is the Kannada Web Series were he has put up all his talent. He is also popular with his funny videos on social media pages.

#9 Geetha Bharathi Bhat

Geetha is one of the key contestants of Bigg Boss Kannada season 8 who is known for her performance in Kannada movies like Love Mocktail and Tv Shows like Brahmagantu.

#10 Manju Pavagada

Majaa Bharatha fame Manju Pavagada is set to entertain the viewers with Bigg Boss Kannada as a contestant.

#11 Divya Suresh

Divya is one of the contestants in Bigg Boss Season 8, she is the young model aspires to be an actor.

#12 Chandrakala Mohan

Chandrakala Mohan is known for negative roles and performances on TV shows.

#13 Raghu Gowda/ Raghu Vine

Raghu needs no introduction for his following on his page Raghu Vine Store. Raghu Vine Store is the digital sensation in the amid lockdown.

#14 Prashanth Sambargi

Prashanth Sambargi is a businessman. He made in headlines after the Central Crime Branch looked into the drug menace in the Kannada film industry.

#15 Divya Uruduga

Divya Uruduga is a social media sensation with a lot of talent.

#16 Rajeev

CCL Star Rajeev is well known to Kannada audience, he is one of the Key players for sandalwood in celebrity cricket league.

#17 Nirmala Chennappa

She is one of the most promising Housemates in 2021 Season 8. She is an Award-winning actress, director, producer and technician  in Kannada movies.


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