Best Telugu Horror Movies to Enjoy Your Time With

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Releasing top-notch watches is not a new thing for the Tollywood or Telugu movie industry, one of the biggest industries in the country. The movies across different genres always make a place and leave an impact on the audience. However, Telugu horror movies have a huge fan base across the country. The Telugu horror movies have an interesting storyline and screenplay along with impactful use of technology and visual effects. The industry releases a large number of horror movies each year having different stories, however, only a few make a top-notch watch among them. Only a few have enough power to leave an impact on the audience. Here is a list of the five Best horror movies in Telugu that you can always enjoy watching. 

  1. U-Turn (2018)

U-Turn is directed by Pawan Kumar, the movie has a very effective plot and the screenplay and direction are strong. The movie shows a reporter who tries to investigate the reason for numerous murders that are occurring on a flyover in the city and this leads her into a mystery of murder series. The movie features Samantha Akkineni, Aadhi Pinisetty, Bhumika Chawla, and Rahul Ravindran in the lead roles. The movie is a roller coaster of emotions based on Karma. The movie keeps the audience hooked from the first to the last scene. Although the movie was released in 2018, it still is one of the best Telugu horror movies to date in the Telugu movie industry. 

  1. Deyyam (2021)

Deyyam is a horror movie directed by Ram Gopal Verma that shows the love of a father to get his son out of the control of the evil spirits. This happens when the couple moves to their farmhouse where the child makes some imaginary friends that turn out to be the ghosts. The movie was initially released in 1996. 

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  1. Arundathi (2009)

Arundathi is a horror fantasy and is one of the best Telugu horror movies and is directed by Kodi Ramakrishna. The movie revolves around a woman named Arundathi who believes that she is a rebirth of her great grandmother and an evil spirit tries to kill her that was killed by her grandmother. The lead actors Anushka Shetty, Sonu Sood, Arjan Bajwa, Sayaji Shinde, Manorama, and Kaikala Satyanarayan have done complete justice to their respective roles. 

  1. Bhaagamathie (2018)

Directed by G Ashok, Bhaagamathie is another one of the best Telugu horror movies. Actors Anushka Shetty, Asha Sarath, Unni Mukundan, Murali Sharma, and Jayaram are in the leading roles. The movie revolves around the life of an honest IAS officer who gets trapped in a false case of her husband’s death. The scenes of the movie are impactful and horrifying. Bhaagamathie definitely makes a top watch among all movie lovers. 

  1. Kaashmora (2016)

Released in 2016, Kashmora is directed by Gokul and stars Karthi, Nayanthara, and Sri Divya in the lead roles. In the movie, a fraudster, Kaashmora, is locked in a haunted bungalow with his family. The deadly spirits in the house instigate terror in the family and force them to fulfill their wishes. 

The Telugu Horror movies are excellent watches with special effects. You can watch these movies on voot or download voot app for pc. Enjoy movies with your loved ones. 

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