A Comprehensive Guide to Holding an In-House Corporate Event

Juliet D'cruz

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Corporate event planning is more complicated than it may first appear and differs greatly from a more usual meeting or other large event, as it usually has a strict purpose for its existence. 

Usually, in-house corporate events are held for reasons such as the development and impending launch of a new service or product, training or rewarding employees, concentrating on a new target customer or even changing the internal behavior of a company.

So, if you are soon to be holding an in-house corporate event in your place of work, then you have certainly come to the right place. 

Types of Corporate Events

First, after you have finalized the core purpose of your corporate event as discussed in the introduction, you should firmly define in your mind the type of corporate event you are planning. 

Large-scale events involve a great deal of prior planning and a generous budget, as they often involve hotel bookings, transport and registering online, whereas midsize corporate events are usually based around a technology launch and therefore extra costs must be considered, such as an accompanying mobile app and an updated website. 

By contrast, smaller corporate events (which as a rough guide involve between 100 and 200 delegates) are far more likely to be in-house training days or delegates across different departments from the same business.

Your Corporate Event Objectives

Well-defined targets and goals for your corporate event will not only guarantee a smooth-running day or evening but will also ensure that each attendee gets the best knowledge and inspiration out of the event. 

You may well already be familiar of the SMART framework; if you are not, SMART stands for:

S: Be SPECIFIC when you are designing the flow of the day

M: Ensure that the event’s MEASURABLE existence is worth company time and money

A: Make sure that your goals are aspirational yet ACHIEVABLE

R: Everything that occurs within the event should be absolutely RELEVANT

T: Ensure that you have organized yours and the attendees’ TIME effectively 

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Corporate Event Entertainment

One factor of your corporate event that you should research and subsequently book as soon as you have secured the date and time is that of your corporate entertainment.

Unless you have a workforce who are both excellent singers and performers and indeed already know everything there is to know about the content of the event, looking into professional corporate event hire is the best solution. 

From live bands to single entertainers, there are numerous different options to ensure you book the right type of corporate entertainment to suit your specific event. 

Food & Drink

If you are planning on your corporate event lasting an afternoon, then any in house catering should suffice, but if your event is all day (or indeed all evening), then hiring a caterer would be advisable.

Your company will more than likely have professional ties, even just by regular frequentation, to local cafes or restaurants, so arranging some food or light refreshments to be delivered at time to suit the flow of the day should be relatively simple. 

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